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Salmon caviar "Russkoe More" grained

Salmon caviar "Russkoe More" grained

Salmon caviar "Russkoe More" grained

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Know how to store Salmon Caviar "Russkoe More" grained

Salmon caviar "Russkoe More" grained comes in a glass jar that provides you with the high grade pink salmon roe that has well formed eggs, with great taste and slightly salted. Russiantable is one of the best sites that provide you with this delicious salmon caviar. It is rich in taste and full of flavors.

Know how to store salmon caviar "Russkoe More" grained

This is the product that will remain fresh for 18 months from the date of its production. Make sure that you store it below the temperature 32ºF (0ºС) and keep it unopened. The date of the production is being given on the each container. If you are storing the product in a high temperature then the time of storing will reduce. It is being recommended that one should store salmon caviar "Russkoe More" grained in the coolest part of your refrigerator.

Once the can is open the time of freshness varies either for weeks or for days it mainly depends on bacteria that are being introduced to the cans. If you like to prevent the can from bacteria then make sure that you use a clean spoon, and avoid adding to the other food products. Make sure that you get the Salmon Caviar "Russkoe More" grained from Russiantable so that you can get fresh and salty caviar.

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