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  • Bread kvass Oblomov 0.5 l

    Oblomov Bread Kvass, Oblomov , 500ml

    Buy Bread kvass Oblomov 0.5 l Product Description: Discover the authentic taste of Russia with our Bread Kvass Oblomov 0.5 l. This traditional Russian kvas is a time-honored beverage that captures the essence of Russian culinary tradition. Made with the utmost care and attention to quality, our kvas offers a refreshing and unique drinking experience. Bread kvass Oblomov 0.5 l Key Features: Traditional Russian Recipe: Our Bread Kvass is crafted following an age-old Russian recipe to ensure an authentic taste that's true to its roots. Premium Ingredients: We use the finest ingredients to create a kvas that's rich in flavor and history. Distinctive Flavor: Enjoy the distinct taste of rye bread, combined with a hint of sweetness and a touch of sourness, creating a well-balanced and refreshing beverage. 0.5-liter Bottle: Our kvas is conveniently packaged in a 0.5-liter bottle, making it perfect for on-the-go enjoyment or sharing with friends and family. A Slice of Russian Culture: Experience the cultural significance of kvas with every sip and bring a piece of Russia into your home. Bread kvass Oblomov 0.5 l Ingredients: drinking water, rye flour, rye malt, brewing barley malt, sugar, acidity regulator lactic acid


  • Monastery Kvass with Honey, 2 L

    Monastic Kvass Monastery Kvass with Honey, 2 L

    Kvass is a dark brew double fermented drink with sweet-sour taste and pleasant aroma of brown rye bread.   The main difference of Monastery Kvass from regular one is that it does not contain yeast. Kvass is made of natural ingredients, it perfectly refreshes, invigorates, slakes thirst and gives strength.   It contains a unique set of amino acids and nutrients. The whole technogoly of manufacturing is based on the original traditional recipes gathered in old Russian villages.   


  • Domashnyee bistro Kvas 124 g

    Home Bistro Dry Starter Culture for 6 Liters of Drink, Domashnyee Bistro, 124 g

    Buy Domashnyee Bistro Kvas 124 g Product Description:  Domashnyee Bistro Kvas is a testament to the time-honored tradition of Russian Kvas-making. Crafted by JSC "C-Project," this 124 g bottle embodies the essence of authentic Kvas, blending carefully selected ingredients to create a balanced and refreshing beverage. Domashnyee Bistro Kvas 124 g Product Features: Water: Purified water is the foundation of our Kvas, ensuring a clean and refreshing base for the fermentation process. Rye Bread: Our recipe starts with wholesome rye bread, chosen for its rich flavor and ability to undergo fermentation. Sugar: The perfect amount of sugar is added to enhance the fermentation process and provide balanced sweetness to the final product. Yeast: We use specially selected yeast strains to ferment the rye bread and sugar, creating the characteristic enthusiasm of Kvas. Natural Flavors: To ensure an authentic and delightful taste, natural flavors enhance the beverage's overall profile. Herbs and Spices: A blend of herbs and spices is added to create a harmonious and aromatic experience with every sip. Domashnyee Bistro Kvas 124 g Ingredients: Domashnyee Bistro Kvas is crafted with care to bring you the traditional taste of Russian Kvas. Made by JSC "C-Project," this beverage captures the essence of centuries-old brewing techniques using the finest natural ingredients. The 124 g bottle of Domashnyee Bistro Kvas is a delightful blend of the following high-quality components:


  • Kvass "Home" set for preparation

    RT Kvass Home style set for preparation 126 g

    Buy Kvass Home Style Set for Preparation - Create Authentic Kvass at Home!Ingredients: 126 g of specially curated Kvass mixture (contains rye bread, sugar, and natural flavorings) Step-by-step instruction manual Fermentation container with airtight lid Fine mesh strainer Product Description: Discover the joy of crafting your very own authentic Kvass at home with our Kvass Home Style Set for Preparation. Savor the rich, tangy flavors of this traditional fermented beverage that has been beloved for generations. Crafted with care, this set contains everything you need to embark on your homemade Kvass-making journey.Kvass "Home" set for preparationKey Features: Handpicked Ingredients: Our specially curated Kvass mixture includes high-quality rye bread, sugar, and natural flavorings, ensuring an authentic taste that embodies the essence of traditional Kvass. Comprehensive Instructions: The included step-by-step instruction manual guides you through the Kvass-making process, making it easy for both beginners and seasoned fermenters to create a delicious batch. Fermentation Container: The set comes with a durable fermentation container equipped with an airtight lid, designed to create the optimal conditions for fermentation. This container ensures that your Kvass develops its distinct flavor profile while maintaining hygiene and safety. Fine Mesh Strainer: After fermentation, use the fine mesh strainer to separate the liquid Kvass from any solids or residue, resulting in a smooth and flavorful beverage. How to Use: Follow the provided instruction manual to prepare the Kvass mixture. Place the mixture in the fermentation container and seal with the airtight lid. Allow the mixture to ferment for the specified duration, as per the instructions. Once fermentation is complete, strain the liquid Kvass using the fine mesh strainer to remove any solids. Your homemade Kvass is ready to be enjoyed! Chill it and serve it in your favorite glass.Kvass "Home" set for preparation Why Choose Our Kvass Home Style Set: Authentic Taste: Crafted with a focus on traditional flavors, our Kvass mixture ensures an authentic taste that captures the essence of this beloved beverage. Convenience: The set includes all the essential components and instructions, eliminating the guesswork from the Kvass-making process. Quality Materials: Our fermentation container and fine mesh strainer are designed for durability and hygiene, ensuring a safe and enjoyable brewing experience. Fun and Rewarding: Making Kvass at home is a rewarding experience that connects you with centuries-old traditions, allowing you to share delicious, homemade beverages with friends and family. Indulge in the art of crafting Kvass from the comfort of your home with our Kvass Home Style Set for Preparation. Order now and embark on a flavorful journey into the world of homemade Kvass!


  • Kvass "Vyatsky" Hlebniy (Bread), 16.9 oz / 0.5 L

    Vyatsky Kvass "Vyatsky" Hlebniy, 0.5L

    The original rye kvass "Vyatsky" with live fermentation is prepared according to ancient recipes, recorded by Vyatka monks in the XII-XIII century. For the preparation of Vyatka kvass rye malt is used. From time immemorial kvass saved Russians in the winter from lack of vitamins, and from suffering of quenched thirst in the summer. Kvass recipe has more than a thousand year history. It is known that the Eastern Slavs possessed the recipe long before the formation of Kievan Rus. The first mention of kvass in the Russian written sources dates from the year 989: when after christening of Rus Prince Vladimir I Svyatoslavich ordered to give people "food, honey and kvass". It was also known how to cook kvass in Poland and Lithuania. In Russia kvass was a widespread everyday drink: it was prepared for the peasants and the landlords, the military and the monks, and his presence in the house was considered a sign of prosperity. Vyatsky kvass today is the sales leader in Russia.

  • Kvass "Vyatsky" Home Style, 1.5L

    Vyatsky Kvass "Vyatsky" Home Style, 1.5L

    Original rye live fermentation kvass is prepared according to old Russian recipes. In Rus kvass was a widespread everyday drink: it was prepared by the peasants and the landlords, the military and the monks, and its presence in the house was considered a sign of prosperity. Due to the useful properties kvass regulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, improves metabolism, prevents the growth of harmful pathogens, beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Its useful and healing properties are acquired in the process of fermentation. The microorganisms settling in kvass during the fermentation time normalize digestion and treat dysbiosis. Vitamins that produce these bacteria, strengthen immunity and normalize work of the gastrointestinal tract. 

  • Kvass Wort Concentrate, Slavyanskiy, 550 g

    Slavyanskiy Kvass Wort Concentrate, Slavyanskiy, 550 g

    Buy Kvass wort concentrate Slavyanskiy 550 gProduct Ingredients:Premium barley malt extractPure natural waterSugarRye bread crumbsNatural flavoringsYeastCaramel colorKvass wort concentrate Slavyanskiy 550 gProduct Description:Rediscover the heartwarming taste of traditional Russian kvass with our exceptional Kvass wort concentrate "Slavyanskiy". Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of old-world Slavic kitchens as you enjoy the rich and earthy flavors that this concentrate delivers. Crafted with utmost care and precision, this concentrate captures the essence of Slavic tradition. It all begins with the finest barley malt extract, sourced for its deep and robust flavor profile. The natural sweetness of sugar enhances the experience, balanced perfectly with the earthy undertones of rye bread crumbs.


  • Dry kvas Babushkin hutorok Monastyrskiy 150 g

    Babushkin Khutorok Powder For Kvass Monastyrskiy, Babushkin Khutorok, 150 g

    Buy Dry kvas Babushkin took Monastyrskiy 150 g Product Description: Indulge in Russia's rich and authentic flavors with our Dry Kvas Babushkin Hutorok Monastyrskiy 150g. Crafted with care and reverence for time-honored traditions, this delightful beverage offers a genuine taste of the past. Kvas, a beloved Russian drink, is known for its refreshing qualities and historical significance. Our Dry Kvas Babushkin Hutorok Monastyrskiy 150g encapsulates the essence of this cherished beverage in a convenient, easy-to-prepare form. Dry kvas Babushkin took Monastyrskiy 150 g Key Features: Authentic Russian Kvas: Experience the genuine taste of traditional Russian Kvas with every sip. Convenient Dry Form: Our kvas is presented in a convenient dry form, making it easy to prepare at home. Rich Cultural Heritage: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Russia through the flavors of Kvas. 150g Package: Each package contains 150 grams of dry Kvas mix, providing ample servings to savor and share. Dry kvas Babushkin took Monastyrskiy 150 g Ingredients: Our Dry Kvas Babushkin Hutorok Monastyrskiy 150g is expertly crafted with high-quality ingredients to ensure an authentic and enjoyable taste. The key ingredients include:   Rye Bread Crumbs Sugar Dried Mint Yeast Water


  • Dry bread kvas Babushkin hutorok 150 g

    Babushkin Khutorok Powder For Bread Kvas, Babushkin Khutorok, 150 g

    Refreshing effect and excellent thirst-quenching property are the secrets of popularity of this drink. Light taste and pleasant aroma make it indispensable in hot days and a welcome drink at any feast.


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