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  • Marmalade "UDARNITSA" Mellon flavor 325g

    Marmalade UDARNITSA Mellon flavor 325g

    Buy Marmalade UDARNITSA Mellon Flavor 325g Product Details:Introducing the delectable Marmalade UDARNITSA Mellon Flavor 325g, a tantalizing treat that combines the rich heritage of Udarnitsa's culinary mastery with the natural sweetness of ripe melons. This delightful marmalade is an embodiment of premium quality, crafted to captivate your taste buds with its unique flavor profile and exceptional texture.Marmalade "UDARNITSA" Mellon flavor 325gProduct Ingredients:Ripe Mellon PureeNatural SugarPectinCitric AcidWaterMarmalade UDARNITSA Mellon flavor 325gProduct Highlights:Captivating Flavor: Experience the harmonious blend of Udarnitsa's culinary expertise and the succulent essence of ripe melons. Each bite delivers a burst of refreshing mellowness that is sure to leave you craving for more.Unmatched Quality: Crafted with the finest ingredients, this marmalade is a testament to Udarnitsa's commitment to excellence. The premium mellon puree is carefully selected and combined with natural sugar to create a well-balanced, satisfying sweetness.Textural Delight: The Marmalade UDARNITSA Mellon Flavor 325g offers a remarkable balance between smoothness and a gentle fruit texture. The carefully crafted consistency ensures a delightful spread that enhances your culinary experiences.Versatile Usage: Whether spread on freshly baked toast, swirled into yogurt, or used as a topping for desserts, this marmalade adds a touch of elegance and flavor to every dish. Elevate your breakfasts, snacks, and desserts with its luscious taste.325g Convenience: Packaged in a convenient 325g jar, this marmalade is perfectly sized to fit in your pantry or carry along on your culinary adventures. Its resealable lid preserves the freshness and flavor for extended enjoyment.Ideal Gift: The Marmalade UDARNITSA Mellon Flavor makes for an excellent gift choice. Share the joy of this exquisite marmalade with your loved ones, and let them savor the luxury of Udarnitsa's impeccable craftsmanship.Marmalade UDARNITSA Mellon flavor 325gJelly Candies and Marmalade Collection:Explore our exclusive range of confections, including a variety of jelly candies and other exquisite marmalade flavors. Udarnitsa is dedicated to bringing you the finest selection of treats that reflect our passion for taste and quality.


  • Marmalade Udarnitsa with Black Currant flavor 325 g

    Udarnitsa Marmalade with Black Currant, 325g

    Marmalade Udarnitsa with Black Currant flavor 325 g


  • Cherry Marmelade, 325g

    Udarnitsa Cherry Marmelade, 325g

    Buy Cherry marmelade Udarnitsa 325 g Product Details:  Indulge in the delightful flavors of Cherry Marmalade Udarnitsa, a perfect blend of tradition and modern taste. This 325 g jar contains a delectable treat that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Made with the finest cherries and crafted with Udarnitsa's renowned expertise, this marmalade is a true embodiment of quality. Cherry marmelade Udarnitsa 325 g Key Features: Rich Cherry Flavor: Each spoonful delivers an explosion of ripe cherry goodness, reminiscent of freshly picked cherries. Velvety Texture: The marmalade's velvety smoothness melts in your mouth, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Versatile Delicacy: Spread it on toast, pair with cheese, use as a dessert topping, or savor it straight from the jar. Premium Quality: Udarnitsa is renowned for its high standards and dedication to crafting top-notch food products. 325 g: Perfect for sharing with loved ones or savoring yourself, the conveniently sized jar preserves freshness. Gourmet Gift: An ideal present for food enthusiasts, cherry lovers, or anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. Cherry marmelade Udarnitsa 325 g Ingredients:   Fresh Cherries: Handpicked at the peak of ripeness, our cherries impart a burst of authentic fruity flavor to every bite. Pure Cane Sugar: We use premium cane sugar to balance the natural tartness of cherries and create a harmonious sweetness. Pectin: Carefully selected pectin ensures the ideal texture, giving the marmalade its luscious consistency. Citrus Zest: A touch of citrus zest elevates the flavor profile, adding a subtle zing that complements the cherry essence. Love and Craftsmanship: Every jar is prepared with passion and traditional techniques, reflecting Udarnitsa's commitment to creating exceptional products.  


  • Marmalade Udarnitsa Peach flavor 325 g

    Udarnitsa Marmalade Peach Flavor, 325g

    Buy Udarnitsa Peach Flavor Marmalade 325g Product Description: Indulge in the delightful taste of Udarnitsa Peach Flavor Marmalade in a convenient 325g pack. Made by Udarnitsa, a trusted name in confectionery, this marmalade is a burst of fruity goodness that will tantalize your taste buds. Udarnitsa Peach Flavor Marmalade 325g Key Features: Peach Flavor: Experience the natural and vibrant taste of juicy peaches in every bite of this marmalade. Premium Quality: Crafted by Udarnitsa, a brand known for its commitment to quality and taste. Convenient Packaging: The 325g pack is perfect for enjoying at home, sharing with friends, or gifting to loved ones. Jelly Candies: These marmalade pieces have a delightful jelly-like texture that adds to the overall experience. Versatile Treat: Enjoy the marmalade on its own, spread it on toast, use it as a topping for desserts, or get creative with your culinary experiments. Marmalade Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Peach Juice Concentrate, Water, Pectin (Gelling Agent), Citric Acid (Acidity Regulator), Natural and Artificial Peach Flavor, Natural Color (Beta-Carotene). Allergen Information: This product is produced in a facility that also handles nuts, dairy, and soy. Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, reseal the pack tightly to maintain freshness. Udarnitsa - Crafting Delightful Confections: For decades, Udarnitsa has been dedicated to creating confectionery delights that bring joy to people's lives. From carefully selected ingredients to expert craftsmanship, every product reflects Udarnitsa's passion for delivering exceptional taste experiences.  


  • Cherry Marmalade, Azov CF, 300g/ 10.58 oz

    Azov Confectionery Factory Cherry Marmalade, Azov CF, 300g/ 10.58 oz

    Nutritional value per 100 g: Protein 1.0 g Fats 0.5 g Carbohydrates 81.0 g Calories 320.0 kcal   Ingredients: Granulated sugar, starch molasses, gelling agent: pectin, dry mixture based on juices and puree multifruit, acidity regulators: citric acid, sodium citrate, natural dyes: vegetable lutein, copper chlorophyllin, elderberry juice concentrate, carotene mixture, natural Apple flavor, identical to natural: Cherry.


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