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Time to experience Russian Food

Though there is an endless amount of different food stores, restaurants, and cafes, you always miss the taste of your childhood and motherland. If you live in the USA and you are from Russia or you just like Russian food, you can find some Russian food stores, which will help you make your favorite Russian dish or just have a piece of the best Russian chocolate. Russian shops in the USA give you the possibility to cross the gastronomic border by trying real Russian food in the USA. If you are nostalgic of Russian culture, the products from the Russian shop will make you breathe in some fresh air of Russia. Buy Russian food, imported directly from Russia, and enjoy the authentic taste of unforgettable dishes and beverages. If you don’t have a Russian food store in your city, you can always order Russian food online.

Russian Table is one of the online Russian grocery stores completely devoted to ex-Soviet food, drinks, and other products. If you also research a little further, there is also an area dedicated to beauty, with Russian cosmetics in the USA like creams, essential oils, hair dyes, and beauty products, at very competitive prices. However, the most interesting part of all is certainly dedicated to Russian food with Cyrillic inscriptions but (almost always) with relative translation.

What exactly would you like to find when looking at some online Russian grocery store? Maybe it is pelmeni (delicious Siberian ravioli), Moskovskaya salami or homemade garlic tomatoes in cans? On the web page of Russian Table store you can find everything. This Russian online store also offers many drinks: ground green chicory, herbal and green tea, kvass. And there is no lack of desserts: you can choose between Napoleon cake, gingerbread, chocolates, cookies, and candies. To top it off, you can also buy real Russian delicacy from Russian Table, for example, different types of caviar (herring, salmon roe, pike eggs and caviar of all sorts).

Russian cuisine is very distinctive and unique, it has been influenced by various different components: environmental, climatic, social, geographical, economic and historical. There are numerous Russian dishes made of dough such as pies, cakes, rolls, and bliny, in addition to the unleavened dough, such as dumplings and homemade noodles.

The authenticity of Russian cuisine comes from its modest people and the families that had to feed many mouths. This is why traditional Russian food is nourishing and cooked of the simple and available ingredients. Nevertheless, this cuisine cannot be called poor and unvaried as its taste and combinations can amaze even the most demanding person.

We understand how hard it is to get used to living abroad and eat new food, which is completely different from food in your native country. The best cure for missing your country is cooking some traditional dish from your home. Maybe cooking something you used to eat as a child or your famous family recipe would save you from yearning. The only complication is that it can become a real challenge to find necessary ingredients for Russian dishes in American stores, but you can find Russian food USA online. After adding products into the shopping basket you will be surprised by the prices of Russian food, which are pretty small in comparison to American grocery.

Russian chocolate and sweets

Desserts and sweet dishes are a popular part of every cuisine and Russian one is not an exception. The variety of desserts is very rich in Russia and many desserts are inspired by surrounding countries. In Russia we can find many desserts, cookies or delicious chocolates and these sweets are mostly served with tea or coffee in a family circle.

Russian Cookies

Cookies are popular almost everywhere and every country has its own way, how to make them. Russian cookies are mostly based on flour and they are made as biscuits, crispy butter cookies or soft cookies. Very popular Russian cookies are oatmeal cookies. They are based on oatmeal and made with some additional ingredients, such as raisins or chocolate, but you can add whatever you like and it will definitely taste good.

Perfect cookies for a snack with tea or coffee are Russian tea cookies, which can have butter or cream taste. These famous Russian cookies are popular in every family and can be made for special occasions or national holidays or just because everyone loves them. Mostly there are made of flour, sugar, butter or nuts but every family can have its own special recipe.

Very popular Russian cookies are these crispy butter or caramel cookies, which can be round or square shaped. We can find many types of them: condensed milk flavor, strawberry taste, vanilla flavor, creamy taste, poppy seeds and many other. Russian cookies called "Sormovskoe" are perfect as a quick snack or as a small sweet bite while drinking tea. You can find many flavors and their taste will make you want more. Pryaniki are also known as "honey bread" or "spiced bread". It is simply a gingerbread but Russian recipe contains various spices, such as cinnamon or cardamom, which gives the gingerbread wonderful smell and taste.

Zefir is a soft and delicious dessert, which will immediately melt in your mouth. It is made of fruit, sugar and egg whites together with agar or pectin. It is originally from Baltic countries but it became very popular also in Russia. It is a type of a marshmallow and it can also be covered with chocolate having vanilla, strawberry, cherry or peppermint flavor.

Russian Chocolate

When people think about traditional Russian food, Russian chocolate is not the first thing which comes to their mind. That truly is a big pity because Russian chocolate is very delicious and doesn’t deserve to be overlooked.

Russian chocolate industry has been developing since the pre-soviet era but during Soviet times the economy was declining and the industry as well. The biggest boom started after the end of the Soviet Union and Russian chocolate industry started to flourish. Many new chocolate manufacturers and small businesses started to produce chocolate and nowadays there are many different types of chocolate products. One of the most popular Russian candy manufacturers is Krasny Oktyabr (Red October). This confectionary manufacturer produces a chocolate bar called “Alenka“, which is one of the most traditional and popular Russian chocolates not only in Russia. This chocolate bar is a delicious example of traditional Russian milk chocolate but we can find this chocolate also with hazelnuts, condense milk filling or other flavors. The cover of this chocolate shows a blue-eyed girl with traditional Russian headscarf and it has become very iconic and popular over the years.

Babayev Confectionery Concern is another big Russian confectionery manufacturer, which offers many delicious types of Russian chocolate. You can buy their chocolate as a chocolate bar or as chocolate pralines filled with a delicious filling.

Rot Front is another Russian manufacturer, which produces many chocolates and candies. We can find many tasty pralines filled with all types of filling. If you like traditional Russian cake Ptichye Moloko, you can buy pralines filled with this flavor and enjoy tiny pieces of this delicious cake covered in chocolate. This confectioner offers many other flavors and types of Russian chocolate so you can visit the Russian Table online shop and find the right one for you.

Russian chocolate has very good quality and the taste is unforgettable. The chocolate is very different from, for example, famous Swiss chocolate but if you are a chocolate lover you should definitely try it and I’m sure you will love it.

The great thing about Russian chocolate is that you can find it in many different forms. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of chocolate bars, pralines or small candies. Russian chocolate manufacturers offer anything you want. So don’t hesitate and visit Russian food store to find the perfect Russian chocolate for you.

Russian online food stores

Russian table is a Russian food online grocery store, where you will be able to find all the diverse products to satisfy all your daily needs and not only that, you can also discover the more peculiar and particular goods, usually more difficult to find in normal stores, and that are suitable for all the special occasions. All the products that you can buy in the online store are from the best imported Russian brands. Nonetheless, you can always expect the best Russian food prices and offers, without renouncing the quality of the products themselves.

So do you actually need any more reasons to buy Russian food online? Shopping online is above all convenient, not for one but for several reasons. First of all, think about all the time and money that you could save. Shopping online saves time and energy, since it is possible to find offers on food products for sale in a very short time. You can quickly and easily compare all the products on the digital shelves from the online store, due to special sections that show all the promotions, new products and all the bestsellers. Moreover, by shopping online, it is possible to save all the time you would otherwise spend out of the house and going to the supermarket. You can avoid heavy bags and skip the stressful lines at the cash desk. It is a huge advantage, especially for the elderly, for those who work or for those who have very little time available. Just imagine that everything can be ordered from home with just one click of a mouse and delivered in a very short time. For those who have a car, carrying heavy bags might not be an obstacle, but imagine all the traffic jams that you will have on the road… Another decisive advantage is the savings, especially nowadays, when having savings is very important or even crucial. Even from this point of view, in fact, savings are guaranteed: thanks to the presence of digital shelves, finding the products on offer becomes easy and even fun, encouraging the buyer to save as much as possible. So, in the end, we can just do the shopping any time from home and then dedicate ourselves to something more important, such as spending a nice time with the family or dedicating time to our hobby.

The bestsellers at Russian Table


Kvass is a widely popular bread-based cold drink which is made of rye bread and water. Some fruity or herbal flavors can be added and this beverage is a great choice during warm summer days. It's mostly non-alcoholic or contains only a very little amount of alcohol.


If we say beluga caviar, we instantly think of Russia, where some of the best caviar in the world is produced. The one with the lightest color comes from the Caspian Sea. Among the Russian appetizers, caviar may be present, but for the average income per capita, the sturgeon eggs, which represent an important symbol of Russian gastronomy in the world, are simply unaffordable.

Tea and coffee

Drinking tea or coffee is very popular in many countries and Russia is definitely not an exception. Sitting in a family circle, eating fresh baked Russian cookies or cake and drinking hot tea is a nice tradition, which is widely spread in Russia. Or you can just enjoy a calm evening with a hot cup of herbal tea, which will warm your hands and your soul. If you don't have fresh coffee beans you can always use instant coffee. Widely spread in Russia is “Russian Chicory“ drink, which is done in a minute and its smell and taste will definitely make you feel great.


Russia is a country of vegetables, soups, and herrings but above all that Russia is a country of cereals. Cereals that are grown on a large part of the former Soviet territory, ranging from wheat to rye and oat, are used in pies, cakes, porridge and, of course, bread. It doesn’t matter if it is stuffed bread or simply baked bread cut into slices, a traditional Russian table cannot miss bread. Probably the most beloved bread type among the Russians is the black rye bread.

Porridge was always an important part of Russian cuisine. Thanks to the wide range of cereals many different types of porridges can be found. The most common are made of buckwheat, millet, oats, barley or rice. The cereals can be cooked with milk, butter, sugar, salt and jams or fruit can be added. Porridge is a great way to start a day or it can be served as a side dish. However, cereals aren’t only used for porridge. The widely used buckwheat, for instance, is perfect for hot soups or cold salads. Grechka soup can warm you up in the middle of the cold and freezing Russian winter. The recipe of this dish includes buckwheat as the main ingredient, but also mixed with various seasonal vegetables.


Honey is a medicine for everything: stress, depression, tiredness after a long day at work or even if you got flu and feel miserable. One spoon of delicious Russian honey can help you to feel better and make you smile again. You can put a teaspoon of honey to your tea or porridge, or you can spread your bread with it. Russian Table offers many types of great Russian honey. “Berestov“ honey is definitely one of the best choices and you have a wide range of possibilities. Light or dark honey, organic or mountain honey. That and many other options are available at our Russian online food store.


Where else you can buy everything for the traditional folk holiday - Maslenitsa? In the Russian food grocery store, you can find jams of local Russian berries and fruits like apricot, blackcurrant, red bilberry, wild berries, cherry jam, and others. To prepare traditional Russian pancakes you might need special dough and flour. Pancakes are served with honey, jam, condensed milk or caviar. All these Russian products are available in the USA thanks to Russian store.

Condensed milk

Do you remember the taste of original condensed milk? Here at the Russian Table, you can try real condensed milk, which tastes exactly like the one you used to eat with spoon when you were a child.

Russian gifts

Also if you are searching for some gift or pleasant surprise from Russia, the Russian Table offers you Matryoshka style desserts or tea. For those who are not sure what to give as a gift, there are certificates of different values. However, any Russian would tell you that there is no better gift as Russian chocolate. A box of candies would be a great sign of special attention.

The online door of Russian Food Store is opened to you!

Although Russia is not famous for its food, there are many delicious and unique options, which are definitely worth the try. If you want to try to make some Russian dish or dessert at home, but you cannot find any Russian grocery store anywhere near, you can always try “Russian Table” online shop that will definitely have all you need.