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  • Eggplant Saute, Kubanochka, 500 g

    Kubanochka Eggplant Saute, Kubanochka, 500 g

    Eggplant Saute, Kubanochka, 500 g Ingredients:Eggplant, sweet pepper, tomatoes, onions, carrots, sunflower oil, sugar, salt, garlic, parsley, coriander, black pepper


  • Eggplant Caviar | Spread, Tamara Fruit, 700g/ 24.69 oz

    Tamara Eggplant Caviar | Spread, Tamara Fruit, 700g/ 24.69 oz

    Carbohydrates per 100g - 13 g The energy value of calories per 100 g is 119 kcal   The advantages of the cooking process: vegetables are cooked, according to national traditions, on an open fire, and the finished products have a pleasant aroma of smoke from the fire.   All conservation is made exclusively from vegetables grown on the territory of Armenia. Technologists select vegetables that undergo strict quality control, which is why only the best varieties and only the ripest vegetables get into preservation. All preservation is made according to traditional Armenian recipes, so our products have the highest quality category.


  • Sale -29% Pickled Taiga Wild Garlic Shoots, Taiga Cache, 330g / 11.64oz

    Taiga Cache Pickled Taiga Wild Garlic Shoots, Taiga Cache, 330g

    Are garlic scapes edible? These tender green stalks are both edible and delicious, rather like tender, young asparagus with a delicious hint of garlic flavour.  Ingredients: Wild Garlic Shoots, water, acetic acid, pepper, bay leaf   Energy value of calories (per 100 grams) 15.4 kcalWild garlic is a leafy green bulbous perennial native to Britain that starts to appear as small shoots in February, flowers in April and goes to seed around June. As the name suggests, it's the wild cousin to the garlic you use in the kitchen. 


  • Marinated Cucumbers "Aunt Sonya",  540 g

    Marinated Cucumbers "Aunt Sonya", 540 g

    Cucumbers "Aunt Sonya"(Medium) are pickled cucumbers without preserving funds.


  • Caucasian Adjapsandal Vegetable Appetizer, Lukashinskie, 480g

    Lukashinskie Caucasian Adjapsandal Vegetable Appetizer, Lukashinskie, 480g

    Buy Adjapsandal "Lukashinskie" with fresh herbs Product Description: Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Georgia with our TM Lukashinskie Canned Adjapsandal Lukashinskie, a culinary masterpiece that captures the essence of Georgian cuisine. Crafted with care and tradition, this 480g delight is a harmonious fusion of fresh herbs, vegetables, and pickles that will transport your taste buds to the heart of the Caucasus.  Adjapsandal "Lukashinskie" with fresh herbs Authentic Georgian Recipe: Our Adjapsandal Lukashinskie is prepared according to a time-honored Georgian recipe, ensuring an authentic and delicious experience. Fresh Ingredients: We use only the freshest herbs, vegetables, and pickles to create this savory masterpiece, delivering flavor with every spoonful. Handpicked Herbs: Our dedicated chefs handpick the finest herbs to infuse the dish with rich aromas and distinctive flavors, making every bite a culinary delight. Vibrant Vegetables: Packed with colorful vegetables, this dish offers a wholesome and nutritious dining experience that will satisfy your palate. Premium Quality: TM Lukashinskie Canned is committed to delivering the highest quality products to your table, and our Adjapsandal Lukashinskie is no exception. Convenient Packaging: Each 480g can of Adjapsandal Lukashinskie is designed for convenience, making it an excellent addition to your pantry for quick and delicious meals. Why Choose TM Lukashinskie Canned? At TM Lukashinskie Canned, we take pride in preserving the rich culinary heritage of Georgia. Our Adjapsandal Lukashinskie with fresh herbs, vegetables, and pickles is a testament to our commitment to quality and tradition. Whether you're a connoisseur of Georgian cuisine or a food enthusiast looking to explore new flavors, our product will satisfy your taste buds.


  • Barrel Cucumbers in Brine, Teshcha's Recipes, 900 g

    Teshcha's Recipes Barrel Cucumbers in Brine, Teshcha's Recipes, 900 g

    Pickles? Fermented Pickles? Dill Pickles? Call them what you want, but that big, sour, juicy dill pickle sitting alongside your hamburger will serve as a great addition to your table. Barrel Cucumbers in Brine are healthy, delicious and very Russian snacks for strong drinks. These fresh cucumbers are collected, undergo cleaning. After that cucumbers piled in large wooden barrels along with dill, garlic, spices, kosher salt and clean water and left them to ferment for a few weeks to several months. Prepared according to traditional folk recipes. Has a KOSHER certificate. Composition: pickles, water, sugar, acidity regulator: citric acid, salt Shelf life: 2 years Storage conditions: at a temperature of +4 to +20 degrees C Nutritional value: Proteins: 0.30 g Carbs: 1.00 g Energy value: 7.00 kcal


  • Lecho (Pepper) "Lukashinskie" Classic 460g

    Lukashinskie Classic Pepper Lecho, Lukashinskie, 460 g

    Buy Lecho (Pepper) "Lukashinskie" Classic 460g Product Description: Introducing the timeless classic, Lecho (Pepper) "Lukashinskie" in a convenient 460g can, brought to you by the renowned TM "Lukashinskie Canned." Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of this traditional dish that combines the vibrant sweetness of peppers with a medley of vegetables. With every bite of this Lecho, experience the authentic taste and quality that has made "Lukashinskie" a trusted name in canned vegetables. Lecho (Pepper) "Lukashinskie" Classic 460g A Taste of Tradition: Lecho is a beloved culinary tradition, and "Lukashinskie" Classic brings you the authentic flavors that have been cherished for generations. Enjoy the harmonious blend of peppers and vegetables in every spoonful. Quality Ingredients: Made with carefully selected vegetables, each can of Lecho reflects the commitment to using high-quality ingredients that meet the standards of TM "Lukashinskie Canned. Convenient Serving: This 460g can of Lecho is the perfect size for a convenient and quick meal. Heat it up and serve it alongside your favorite dishes or as a topping to add a burst of flavor. Versatile Culinary Delight: Lecho can be enjoyed on its own, used as a side dish, or added to various recipes to enhance their taste. The versatility of Lecho makes it a valuable addition to your culinary repertoire. "Lukashinskie Canned" Reliability: Trust in the reputation of TM "Lukashinskie Canned" for quality canned vegetables that bring the authentic tastes of classic dishes to your table. Product Ingredients: Sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions, sunflower oil, sugar, salt, spices. Lecho (Pepper) "Lukashinskie" Classic 460g Rediscover Tradition with "Lukashinskie" Lecho: Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of traditional flavors with Lecho (Pepper) "Lukashinskie".Classic 460g. With its combination of sweet peppers, tomatoes, and onions, this Lecho embodies the essence of home-cooked comfort, bringing warmth and taste to your table. Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, transfer any unused Lecho to an airtight container and refrigerate. Savor the heartwarming taste of Lecho (Pepper) "Lukashinskie" Classic 460g, and let the legacy of "Lukashinskie Canned" elevate your dining experience with the flavors of tradition and quality.


  • Ayvar with eggplant Lukashinskie 350 g

    Lukashinskie Ayvar with Grilled Bell Peppers, Lukashinskie, 350 g

    Nutritional value per 100 g:Proteins 1.5 gFats 3.5 gCarbohydrates 11.0 gCalories 80.0 kcalIngredients: grilled sweet pepper, garlic, sugar, vegetable sunflower oil, salt, thickener — potato starch, acidity regulator — acetic acid.


  • Squash Paste

    Lukashinskie Squash Paste Lukashinskie Gentle 460g

    Zucchini Spread made from ripe zucchini, with the addition of carrots and onions. A little spicy.   Nutritional value of 100g: proteins — 1 g fats — 5.2 g carbohydrates — 7.5 g Energy value: 82 kcal.   Ingredients: zucchini, carrots, onions, sunflower oil, tomato paste, salt, sugar, spices.


  • Cucumbers Lukashinskie old russian style 670 g

    Lukashinskie Pickled Cucumbers Old Russian Style, Lukashinskie, 670 g

    Buy Cucumbers Lukashinskie old russian style 670 g Product Introduction: Cucumbers Lukashinskie Old Russian Style, now available in 670g jars, bring you the rich heritage and delectable flavors of traditional Russian cuisine. Our commitment to preserving the age-old recipe ensures that you experience the true essence of these beloved vegetables.Cucumbers Lukashinskie old russian style 670 g Key Features: Authentic Taste: These cucumbers are prepared using a time-honored Russian recipe, delivering an authentic and savory flavor that has delighted generations. Quality Ingredients: We carefully select the finest cucumbers and ingredients to ensure the highest quality and taste. TM Lukashinskie Canned: Our commitment to quality and tradition is embodied in the TM Lukashinskie Canned label, a symbol of excellence.Cucumbers Lukashinskie old russian style 670 g Ingredients: Cucumbers WaterSaltDillGarlicSpicesWhy Choose Cucumbers Lukashinskie Old Russian Style?Our cucumbers are a perfect addition to your culinary repertoire. Use them to create classic Russian dishes, add a unique twist to your salads, or enjoy them straight from the jar as a satisfying snack. The possibilities are endless, and the taste is unforgettable.


  • Seaweed Salad Frozen, 500g/ 1.1lb

    Seaweed Salad Frozen, 500g/ 1.1lb

    1 review

    Seaweed is rich in dietary fibre, making up anywhere from 25-75% of its dry weight.  .Another benefit of eating seaweed salad is that all of the minerals and vitamins are loaded inside.


  • Сucumbers Village style  "Lukashinskie" with Horseradish and Currant Leaves 670g

    Lukashinskie Village-Style Pickled Сucumbers with Horseradish & Currant Leaves, Lukashinskie, 670 g

    Buy Cucumbers Village Style "Lukashinskie" with Horseradish and Currant Leaves 670g Product Description: Experience the rustic charm of our Cucumbers Village Style "Lukashinskie" with Horseradish and Currant Leaves. Created with care by TM "Lukashinskie Canned," this 670g jar captures the essence of countryside flavors through pickled cucumbers infused with the zest of horseradish and the earthy aroma of currant leaves. Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of village-style pickles that evoke memories of traditional homestyle recipes. Cucumbers Village Style "Lukashinskie" with Horseradish and Currant Leaves 670g Rustic Delight: These cucumbers bring the essence of village-style pickles to your table, offering a taste that's reminiscent of homemade goodness. Zesty Infusion: The horseradish adds a zesty kick to the pickles, while the currant leaves contribute a subtle earthy aroma that enhances the overall experience. Handpicked Quality: TM "Lukashinskie Canned" ensures that only the finest cucumbers are selected for this jar, preserving their freshness and satisfying crunch. Versatile Enjoyment: These village-style pickles are a versatile addition to your meals. Enjoy them as a flavorful snack, a side dish, or a condiment that adds a unique twist to your favorite recipes. Homestyle Connection: Each bite of Cucumbers Village Style "Lukashinskie" with Horseradish and Currant Leaves is a connection to the traditional flavors of the countryside. Product Ingredients: Cucumbers, water, salt, sugar, horseradish, currant leaves. Сucumbers Village style  "Lukashinskie" with Horseradish and Currant Leaves 670g A Taste of Homestyle: Cucumbers Village Style "Lukashinskie" with Horseradish and Currant Leaves offer a nostalgic taste of the countryside, bringing the warmth and simplicity of village cooking to your plate. Usage Instructions: Enjoy these pickled cucumbers as a standalone snack, a complement to your meals, or as a unique ingredient in your culinary creations. Storage Instructions: Store the jar in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. After opening, refrigerate the remaining pickles to maintain their texture and flavor.


  • Garlic marinade

    Lukashinskie Garlic marinade Lukashinskie with beets 340 g

    Ingredients: garlic, beets, water, sugar, salt, vinegar, citric acid.


  • Squash paste "Kubanochka" 500g

    Kubanochka Squash paste "Kubanochka" 500g

    Buy Squash Paste "Kubanochka" 500g - A Delectable Blend of Vegetables and Pickles Product Description: Introducing the exquisite Squash Paste "Kubanochka" 500g, a culinary delight that perfectly combines the rich flavors of vegetables and pickles. This product is a testament to the artistry of Kubanochka, known for creating exceptional gourmet offerings.Squash paste "Kubanochka" 500g Product Highlights: Weight: 500g Ingredients: Fresh squash, a medley of premium vegetables, and a carefully selected assortment of pickles. Flavor Profile: Our Squash Paste "Kubanochka" 500g boasts a harmonious blend of earthy squash, crunchy vegetables, and tangy pickles, creating a symphony of tastes that will tantalize your palate. Craftsmanship: Each jar of Squash Paste "Kubanochka" 500g is crafted with precision and care, capturing the true essence of traditional flavors. Versatile Usage: Enjoy this delightful paste as a spread on bread, a dip for crackers, or even as a gourmet addition to your favorite recipes.Why Choose Squash Paste "Kubanochka" 500g? Premium Ingredients: We source the finest vegetables and pickles to ensure a premium product that reflects the authenticity of Kubanochka's culinary expertise. Traditional Recipe: Our time-honored recipe captures the essence of Kuban cuisine, delivering a taste that resonates with both tradition and innovation. Artisanal Craft: Each batch is carefully prepared by skilled artisans who take pride in delivering a product that exemplifies the Kubanochka standard of quality. Culinary Versatility: Elevate your dining experience with the Squash Paste "Kubanochka" 500g, a versatile addition to a range of dishes.


  • Salted Ramson "Lukashinskie" Caucasian style

    Lukashinskie Salted Ramson Lukashinskie Caucasian style 340 gr

    Salted ramson. No vinegar added.


  • Pickled Cucumbers Premium, Teshcha's Recipes, 900 g

    Teshcha's Recipes Pickled Cucumbers Premium, Teshcha's Recipes, 900 g

    Russians have a long tradition of picking fruits and vegetables for the winter. How to survive the winter without the crunchy and tart pickles?! The first mention of pickled cucumbers goes back to the 12th century. But it is believed that this vegetable was popular among many Slavs much earlier. Pickled cucumbers were eaten together with meat dishes, as well as used in the entrees – different soups and Russian solyanka, which must have cucumber pickle in them. There are many ways of pickling cucumbers in Russia. Usually cucumbers are covered with brine, then you add spices and herbs (horseradish, pepper, mustard, tarragon, dill). For a few days cucumbers should be stored in a warm room, and then — in the cold. To make sure cucumbers turn out strong and crisp, before brining they are soaked in cold water. You should carefully mind the cleanliness — tableware and all the ingredients for pickling should be perfectly washed. The product has Gold medal (the exhibition WorldFood 2013 Moscow) as the "Best product of the year". Has a KOSHER certificate. Composition: cucumbers, water, sugar, vinegar, onion, salt, dill, acidity regulator: citric acid, flavor Shelf life: 3 years Storage conditions: at a temperature of +4 degrees C to +20 degrees C Nutritional value: Proteins: 0.40 g Fat: 0.10 g Carbohydrates: 4,40 g Energy value: 21.00 kcal


  • Garlic marinade Lukashinskie caucasus style 340 g

    Lukashinskie Garlic marinade Lukashinskie caucasus style 340 g

     Garlic marinade Lukashinskie caucasus style 340 g


  • Cucumbers "Lukashinskie" with spicy greens Astrahan Style

    Lukashinskie Cucumbers Lukashinskie with spicy greens Astrahan Style 670 gr

    Cucumbers Lukashinskie with spicy greens Astrahan Style 670 gr


  • Eggplant paste "Kubanochka" 500g

    Kubanochka Eggplant paste "Kubanochka" 500g

    Buy Eggplant paste "Kubanochka" 500gProduct Detail:Experience the rich and authentic taste of the Mediterranean with our premium Eggplant Paste "Kubanochka" 500g. Crafted using only the finest ingredients and traditional recipes, this delightful eggplant paste is a versatile addition to your kitchen pantry, perfect for adding depth and flavor to a variety of dishes.Eggplant paste "Kubanochka" 500gProduct Ingredients:Fresh EggplantsSunflower OilRed Bell PeppersOnionsGarlicVinegarSpices and HerbsEggplant paste "Kubanochka" 500gAbout "Kubanochka" Eggplant Paste:Indulge in the culinary heritage of the Mediterranean with our meticulously crafted Eggplant Paste "Kubanochka." Made from the freshest eggplants, sunflower oil, and a harmonious blend of flavorful spices and herbs, this 500g jar is a testament to the exquisite taste and quality that culinary enthusiasts crave.Versatile Usage:Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, our Eggplant Paste "Kubanochka" 500g opens up a world of culinary possibilities. Spread it on toasted bread as an appetizer, use it as a base for pasta sauces, or mix it into stews and casseroles for an extra layer of depth. The robust flavors and velvety texture of our eggplant paste are sure to elevate your dishes to new heights.Jam-Packed with Flavor:With a careful selection of ripe red bell peppers, onions, and garlic, our "Kubanochka" eggplant paste boasts a balanced combination of sweet and savory notes that tantalize your taste buds. The addition of vinegar enhances the overall profile, ensuring a delightful harmony of flavors with every bite.Kuntsevo Tradition:"Kubanochka" Eggplant Paste is crafted with passion and commitment to preserving the culinary traditions of Kuntsevo. Each jar encapsulates the essence of time-honored recipes, making it a wonderful tribute to the region's gastronomic heritage.Convenient Packaging:Presented in a 500g jar, our Eggplant Paste "Kubanochka" is conveniently sized for both culinary enthusiasts and professionals. The airtight packaging helps preserve the freshness and flavors, allowing you to savor the Mediterranean taste whenever you desire.Unleash Your Creativity:Elevate your cooking creations with the rich and flavorful Eggplant Paste "Kubanochka" 500g. Unleash your culinary creativity and embark on a journey of taste that combines tradition with innovation. Order your jar today and experience the Mediterranean magic in every dish.


  • Barrel Pickled Assorted Tomatoes & Cucumbers, Tescha's Recipes, 840g/ 29.63 oz

    Teshcha's Recipes Barrel Pickled Assorted Tomatoes & Cucumbers, Tescha's Recipes, 840g/ 29.63 oz

    Assorted tomatoes and Cucumbers from Teschin Recipes are natural vegetables pickled with dill, pepper and wine vinegar. The product is prepared according to the recipes of homemade rustic cuisine and does not contain artificial preservatives and dyes.   Barrel pickled assorted tomatoes and cucumbers can be eaten just like that or used as an ingredient for cooking various dishes. For example, you can make a salad by adding chopped onions to vegetables and seasoning with vegetable oil. You can also use the assorted as a filling for pizza or burgers.


  • Pickled Garlic, Zakuson, 370ml/ 12.5 oz

    Zakuson Pickled Garlic, Zakuson, 370ml/ 12.5 oz

    Pickled garlic is eaten directly from a jar, mixed with fried vegetables, added to pasta, salads, fried potatoes, used as a filling for sandwiches, hot dogs and burgers, served with grilled meat and seafood, and used to make sauces and cocktails.


  • Cucumbers "Lukashinskie" with Sweet Pepper 670g

    Lukashinskie Cucumbers Pickled with Sweet Pepper Home-Style, Lukashinskie, 670 g

    Ingredients: cucumbers, water, sweet pepper, sugar, salt, carrot, onion, acetic acid, dill, spicy greens.


  • Lecho (Pepper) "Lukashinskie" with Adzhika 460g

    Lukashinskie Lecho Pepper with Adzhika "Southern", Lukashinskie, 460 g

    Nutritional value of 100g:Proteins 1.0 gFats 8.5 gCarbohydrates 1.5 gCalories 50.0 kcal Ingredients: Tomatoes, fresh sweet pepper, granulated sugar, tomato paste, garlic, vegetable sunflower oil, salt, dry adjika, spices


  • Vegetable Appetizer "Eggplant De La Mama" with Prunes, Tescha's Recipes, 530g/ 18.7oz

    Teshcha's Recipes Vegetable Appetizer "Eggplant De La Mama" with Prunes, Tescha's Recipes, 530g/ 18.7oz

    The product is vinegar-free and preservative-free. Ready to eat.   Composition: eggplant, water, tomato paste, carrots, sweet pepper, sugar, prunes, onion, sunflower oil, salt, glucono delta lactone


  • Zakuska Kazatskaya "Lukashinskiye" with Porcini Mushrooms 450g

    Lukashinskie Zakuska Kazatskaya Lukashinskiye with Porcini Mushrooms 450g

    Buy Zakuska Kazatskaya Lukashinskiye with Porcini Mushrooms 450gProduct Description:Indulge in the rich flavors of Zakuska Kazatskaya Lukashinskiye with Porcini Mushrooms, brought to you by the renowned brand TM "Lukashinskie Canned." This delectable side dish encapsulates the essence of Russian culinary heritage, offering a harmonious blend of premium ingredients and time-honored recipes.Zakuska Kazatskaya "Lukashinskiye" with Porcini Mushrooms 450gIngredients: Premium Porcini Mushrooms Freshly Harvested Vegetables Sun-Ripened Tomatoes Aromatic Spices and Seasonings High-Quality Sunflower Oil A Dash of Culinary Mastery Weight: 450gZakuska Kazatskaya "Lukashinskiye" with Porcini Mushrooms 450gKey Features: Authentic Flavor: Experience the genuine taste of traditional Russian cuisine with every bite of Zakuska Kazatskaya Lukashinskiye. Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure an authentic and memorable culinary experience. Porcini Perfection: The inclusion of succulent porcini mushrooms elevates this dish to a new level of flavor and texture. These earthy mushrooms add a deep, robust taste that perfectly complements the other components. Quality Ingredients: TM "Lukashinskie Canned" takes pride in sourcing the finest and freshest vegetables, sun-ripened tomatoes, and premium spices to create a well-balanced and enticing flavor profile. Crafted with Care: The recipe for Zakuska Kazatskaya Lukashinskiye has been passed down through generations, ensuring that every jar contains a piece of authentic Russian culinary heritage. Versatile Delicacy: Enjoy this Zakuska Kazatskaya as a delightful side dish, appetizer, or a flavorful addition to your charcuterie board. Its versatility makes it a perfect accompaniment to various dishes and occasions. Convenient Packaging: Presented in a 450g jar, this Zakuska Kazatskaya is ready to grace your table with its exquisite flavors whenever you desire a taste of Russia's gastronomic traditions.


  • Ajvar with Eggplant Vegetable Appetizer, Lukashinskie, 355g/ 12.52oz

    Lukashinskie Ajvar with Eggplant Vegetable Appetizer, Lukashinskie, 355g/ 12.52oz

    Nutritional value of the product per 100 g: 1.5 proteins 4 fats 12 carbohydrates 90 kcal   Composition: roasted sweet pepper, fried eggplant, garlic, sugar, vegetable sunflower oil, salt, thickener — potato starch, tomato paste, acidity regulator - acetic acid, ground red pepper.


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