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The Must-Try Products In Russian Grocery Stores

The Must-Try Products In Russian Grocery Stores

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Investigating a new culture's cuisine is a common step in the process, and Russian cuisine is no exception. Russian grocery stores offer a wide variety of products that showcase the country's rich traditions and varied flavors, ranging from savory dumplings to indulgent desserts. Some must-try goods will definitely spark your taste buds and take you to the colorful streets of Moscow or St. Petersburg, whether you're a food explorer trying to broaden your palate or you're just interested in the distinctive offerings of Russian cuisine.

A vast array of both traditional and contemporary food items may be found in Russian grocery stores, which are a veritable gold mine of gastronomic riches. A luxury delicacy that has long been connected to Russian cuisine, caviar is one of the most recognizable things you'll encounter. Caviar is renowned for its delightful appearance, saline flavor, and silky texture. It is made from the salt-cured eggs of sturgeon fish. Caviar, a genuine delicacy that delivers a taste of luxury, can be eaten simply on a cracker or as a garnish for blinis (Russian pancakes) or deviled eggs.

There are many delicious sweets available at Russian grocery stores to fulfill your sweet taste. Ptichye Moloko, a fluffy and creamy confection that means "bird's milk" in English, is one such treat. Ptichye Moloko is a warm and decadent treat that melts on your tongue. It is made up of a light, airy layer that resembles marshmallows and is covered in a thin layer of chocolate. It is a popular dessert in Russia and is available in a variety of flavors, such as rich berries and traditional vanilla. Ptichye Moloko is a delicious delight that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters, regardless of whether you have a sweet tooth or just want to enjoy a traditional Russian dessert.

Russian supermarkets provide a huge selection of goods that highlight the many culinary customs and tastes of this enormous nation. A fun gastronomic experience may be had by browsing the aisles of Russian supermarkets, where you can find everything from unusual local specialties to conventional staples. When visiting a Russian grocery shop, there are a few must-try items that visitors, and locals alike, should not overlook.

Dairy Products

Dairy items are abundant in Russian grocery stores and a must-try for everyone traveling to or residing in the nation. These dairy products, which are well-known for their excellent flavor and great quality, are essential to Russian cooking. Russian grocery stores provide everything you could possibly want, whether it's a spoonful of sour cream, cheese, or luscious yogurt. The following dairy products are must-try items that you should think about including on your shopping list:

  • Kefir: Packed with probiotics, kefir is a tangy, creamy fermented milk beverage. Though its consistency is a little thinner, it is comparable to yogurt. Kefir is a popular beverage in Russia that can be enjoyed on its own or as a component in a variety of meals. Make sure to sample both unflavored and flavored kefir, such as strawberry or peach.
  • Sour Cream: Russian sour cream, often known as "smetana," is a basic ingredient in a lot of cuisines. It tastes deliciously sour and is thick and rich. Russian sour cream is frequently used as a garnish for blini (Russian pancakes), borscht, soups, and other foods. It is also frequently consumed as a condiment with meals that are traditionally Russian.
  • Cheeses: Cheese lovers should try Russian cheeses. Russian grocery stores offer an extensive assortment of cheeses, suitable for each taste preference, ranging from soft and creamy to hard. Popular choices include the light and creamy Russian feta, the smoky and aromatic Russian smoked cheese, and the sharp and delicious Russian cheddar. Make sure to browse the cheese section to find your new favourite.
  • Cheeses: Cheese lovers should try Russian cheeses. Russian grocery stores offer an extensive assortment of cheeses, suitable for each taste preference, ranging from soft and creamy to hard. Popular choices include the light and creamy Russian feta, the smoky and aromatic Russian smoked cheese, and the sharp and delicious Russian cheddar. Make sure to browse the cheese section to find your new favorite.
  • Butter: Russian butter, also known as "maslo," is well-known for having a rich, creamy flavor. It has a higher fat content than some other butters and is manufactured from premium milk. Russian butter is excellent for cooking, baking, and spreading on bread. It is an indispensable cooking tool since it gives whatever dish it is used in a delightfully rich way.
  • Yogurt: Russian grocery stores provide a variety of delectable yoghurt selections. Russians are big fans of yoghurt. There is yoghurt to suit every taste, whether you prefer delicious and flavoured variations or classic plain yoghurt. A nutritious and adaptable dairy product, yoghurt can be eaten on its own, blended into smoothies, or added to recipes to give them a creamy, tangy flavour.

Take your time exploring the dairy section of a Russian grocery store when you're shopping there. There are many different dairy products out there just waiting to be tried, ranging from the tart kefir to the rich butter and creamy cheeses. Enjoy these must-try dairy items and experience the flavours of Russia throughout your culinary travels.

Bread and Pastries

Russian supermarkets are renowned for carrying a huge assortment of bread and pastries. Here are a few goods you should definitely try:

  • Borodinsky bread: Russian dark rye bread, called borovinsky bread, has a unique flavour. Coriander seeds, malt, and rye flour are combined to make it.The solid structure and rich, somewhat sweet flavour of this bread are well-known. It tastes well on its own and goes well with a variety of toppings.
  • Pirozhki: Small, savoury pastries called pirozhki are a mainstay of Russian cooking. Usually, they are packed with a range of ingredients like cheese, potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms, and pork. These pastries are frequently eaten as a snack or as a course in a meal. They can be baked or fried. With a crunchy crust and a tasty filling, they taste best when they are warm and fresh.
  • Vatrushka: Russian pastries called vatrushka are made of sweet yeasted dough and a filling of apples or cottage cheese, or any other creamy cheese. This pastry can be eaten as a dessert or a morning treat, and it is frequently formed into round or oval shapes. It's a delicious option because of the creamy filling and the soft, fluffy bread.
  • Chebureki: Chebureki are crispy, thin-dough turnovers that are deep-fried. mainly, a mixture of ground meat (mainly lamb or beef), onions, and spices is used to stuff them. In Russia, people love to eat these savoury pastries on the street, frequently while on the run. They feature a crispy casing around a tasty, meaty inside.
  • Medovik: Medovik, or honey cake, is a type of Russian layered cake that has layers of sponge cake infused with honey and a creamy, sweet filling made of butter and condensed milk.This cake is flavorful, moist, and rich. It offers a special blend of condensed milk filling's subtle tanginess and honey's sweetness.
  • Blini: Blini are a popular Russian cuisine that are thin, crepe-like pancakes. A variety of toppings, including sour cream, butter, caviar, smoked salmon, or jam, can be added on them.These are very adaptable pancakes that work well as a savoury main course, dessert, or even brunch. Their flavour combination is exquisite and they are light and fluffy.

The amazing selection of bread and pastries available at Russian grocery stores is a reflection of the nation's rich culinary heritage. You may gratify your taste buds by perusing the bread and pastry aisle of a Russian grocery store, whether you're seeking a sweet Vatrushka or a robust Borodinsky bread.

Caviar And Seafood

Russian grocery stores are known for carrying an excellent assortment of seafood and caviare. These goods are a must-try for every food connoisseur, offering anything from opulent sturgeon caviar to a vast assortment of fresh and frozen seafood.

1. Caviar

Russian caviar is a gourmet food that is adored globally. The largest fish found in the Caspian Sea, the sturgeon, produces the most sought-after caviar. The three primary varieties of sturgeon caviar are Beluga, Ossetra, and Sevruga, each with a distinct flavor and texture.

  • Beluga caviar: The creamy, buttery flavor and huge, glossy pearls of beluga caviar are well-known attributes. It is renowned for its subtle flavor and is regarded as the pinnacle of luxury.
  • Ossetra caviar: Ossetra caviar has a somewhat firmer texture, richer, nutty flavor, and is smaller in size. Because of its rich flavor, caviar lovers frequently like it.
  • Sevruga caviar: The smallest form of caviare is called sevruga, and it has a strong flavor with a hint of brininess. For those who like a more powerful caviar experience, it's a popular option.

When purchasing caviar, choose reliable brands and make sure the label correctly identifies the fish species and the nation of origin.

  1. 2. Smoked Fish

A traditional delicacy in Russian cuisine, smoked fish is available in a variety of forms in Russian grocery stores. Fish that has been smoked has a longer shelf life and tastes better. Popular choices include:

  • Cold-smoked salmon: This flaky, buttery fish is great served thinly sliced as an appetizer, on its own, or as a side dish.
  • Hot-smoked mackerel: A local favorite, hot-smoked mackerel has a strong, rich flavor. It can be eaten on its own as a main course or mixed into spaghetti, salad, or sandwich recipes.
  • Cold-smoked trout: This fish has a mild, slightly sweet flavor that is akin to that of cold-smoked salmon. It works nicely in salads and appetizers and is often used with cream cheese.

Russian supermarkets have a range of products to suit your taste, whether you like your smoked fish milder or stronger.

  1. Fresh and Frozen Seafood

For those who enjoy seafood, Russian grocery stores are a veritable gold mine. A variety of frozen and fresh fish is available, such as:

  • Prawns and Shrimp: Prawns and prawns are adaptable crustaceans that work well in a variety of recipes, such as pasta and stir-fries.
  • Fish: A wide range of fresh and frozen fish, including sea bass, salmon, cod, and herring, are available. There are several ways to prepare these, such as baking, grilling, or frying.
  • Squid and Octopus: Octopus and squid are two mild and tasty seafood selections that go well with salads, stews, and even as a major meal.
  • Crab and Lobster: Savour the meat of crabs and lobsters, which are delicious whether steamed, grilled, or added to soups and pasta dishes.

It is crucial to verify the freshness of the seafood you purchase by examining its appearance, smell, and packaging. Select reliable vendors to ensure top-notch merchandise.

Traditional Russian Sweets

Russian sweets and desserts are well known for their deliciousness. There are many different types of traditional Russian sweets that are worth indulging in, ranging from rich, creamy pastries to sweet candies. Russian grocery stores carry the following must-try items:

  • Marshmallow (Zephyr): A soft and fluffy sweet delicacy, marshmallow is referred to as "zephyr" in Russia. Zephyr is a fruit puree, sugar, and gelatin concoction that comes in a variety of flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. It tastes great with tea or coffee and has a melt-in-your-mouth feel.
  • Pastila: Pastila is a classic berry and fruit dish from Russia. It is produced by slowly boiling sugared apples or other fruits until they become a thick, purée. After that, the puree is dried, sliced into little pieces, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Pastila is a fruity and light snack with a chewy quality.
  • Pryaniki: For ages, Russians have relished the traditional spicy cookies known as pryaniki. These flavorful cookies are filled with condensed milk or jam occasionally, and are made with a blend of honey, flour, and spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. Pryaniki are a delicious treat that may be enjoyed with a hot cup of tea. They come in a variety of forms and sizes.
  • Ptichye Moloko: Known as "bird's milk," Ptichye Moloko is a well-known confection from Russia. It's made of a thin, chocolate-covered foam that resembles marshmallows. The texture of the candy is described as being as light as a bird's feathers, hence its name. Ptichye Moloko is a popular delicacy among Russians and is available in a variety of flavours, such as fruit, chocolate, and vanilla.
  • Medovik: A traditional layered cake from Russia, Medovik is also referred to as honey cake. It has a creamy filling of sweetened condensed milk between thin layers of sponge cake laced with honey. To give even more sweetness and texture, the cake is sometimes drizzled with honey and sprinkled with crumbled cake crumbs. Medovik is a delicious delicacy for fans of creamy flavours and honey.
  • Sushki: Sushki are a sort of crispy, dry bread ring that is typically eaten as a tea-time snack. It only takes a basic dough mixture of flour, yeast, water, and salt to create these little goodies. They are formed into tiny rings, quickly boiled, and then baked till crisp. Sushki are mildly flavoured and frequently garnished with sugar or poppy seeds for extra flavour.
  • Halva: Ground sunflower or sesame seeds, sugar, honey, and occasionally almonds or dried fruit are combined to make this delicious treat. It tastes rich and nutty and has a crumbly, dense texture. Halva can be baked with, added to desserts, or consumed on its own. Russian grocery stores have variants of this popular dessert that are present in many Middle Eastern and Eastern European cuisines.

A delicious flavour of Russia's culinary heritage can be found in these traditional Russian sweets. You can find a wide variety of enticing options when perusing the aisles of Russian grocery stores, regardless of your inclination towards marshmallows, cookies, sweets, or cakes.


One finds a complex tapestry of flavors, customs, and gastronomic delights when perusing the several aisles of Russian grocery stores. Every product, from the sweet indulgence of classic pastries to the savory joys of smoked fish, conveys a tale of tradition and flavor. The appeal of real caviar or the warming comfort of borscht—these culinary treasures provide a mouth-watering window into Russian culture. Let's not only remember the delicious flavors as we say goodbye to our journey but also cherish the rich tapestry of flavors that make Russian food so exceptional. May these must-try items never stop tantalizing palates and encouraging a greater understanding of the rich culinary legacy they represent until we return to these aisles.


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