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Sunflower Oil "Mr.Ricco" with Flax seed oil (1L)

Sunflower Oil "Mr.Ricco" with Flax seed oil (1L)

  • Brand:Ms.Ricco
  • SKU:10718
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  • $ 3.99


Mr.Ricco ORGANIC sunflower oil is a unique product that will be enjoyed by hostesses not only due to the quality composition, but also convenient and safe packaging. For the manufacture of Mr.Ricco ORGANIC oil, natural raw materials are used that go through the “BIO-CONTROL” quality system, which allows you to be confident in the environmental friendliness and naturalness of the product. Mr.Ricco ORGANIC sunflower oil contains vitamin E and omega 6. The complex of vitamins and polyunsaturated fats contained in the oil is a natural antioxidant.

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