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Doshirak noodle soup Mashroom taste 90 g

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Doshirak noodle soup Seafood flavor 90 g

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Mushroom soup Gallina Blanca 45 g

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Peas soup Babushkin hutorok with smoked sausage taste 180 g

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Rollton noodles BBQ ribs taste 70 g

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Rollton noodles with mushroom in creamy sauce taste 70 g

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Soup Domashnyee bistro with mushrooms 50 g

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Ukrainian borshch Gallina Blanca 50 g

 50 g..


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Choose Russian soups for your lunch

Soups are popular in many countries but there is no nation, which loves soups as much as the Russian does. Russian soups play a very important role in every-day dishes and the variety is incredibly wide. The soups can be based on meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables or milk stocks. The possibilities are endless here and trust me, there is nothing better than wrapping yourself up into a warm blanket with a hot plate of soup during those cold and dark winter days. 

Probably the most traditional Russian soup is cabbage soup called Shchi. The most traditional version is made of meat and cabbage but we can find many different variants of this soup – with mushrooms, young cabbage, salmon, smoked pork or sorrel. The soup is sometimes served with boiled potatoes on the side. 

Borsch is definitely one of the best-known soups in Russia, but the truth is that this soup comes originally from Ukraine. This popular bright orange or red colored soup is made of beetroot, which makes the aroma and flavor. The traditional receipt contains meat but the vegetarian variant is also very tasty. You will also need a lot of veggies such as carrot, tomatoes without skin, garlic or vinegar and lemon juice. This soup is very thick itself, but it can be served with fresh bread or sour cream.

Rassolnik is traditional Russian kidney-pickle soup, which is made of pickled cucumbers, root vegetables, beef or chicken, and barley. It’s usually served with sour cream.

 Traditional Russian fish soup called Ukha is one of the oldest dishes in Russia. There is no strict recipe so you can use your favorite type of fish – salmon, trout, cod, sturgeon or starlet. It can be boiled with potatoes and vegetables. This soup is very popular during the summer months when many Russians like to do fishing in the countryside and sometimes cooking the soup right at the river or lake bank.

Solyanka is a thick soup made of salty cured meat, sausages, olives, capers, pickles, cabbage and sometimes carrot and dill. It is served with sour cream and whole-grained bread. There is also a vegetarian version of this soup or version with fish meat.

Milk soup is a very popular soup among children, which is very easy to cook and doesn't require many ingredients. It can be cooked with dumplings or noodles.  

If you are looking for some light and fresh soup, you should definitely try Sorrel Soup. This soup is traditionally vegetarian and is full of vegetable and vitamins. Sorrel is usually picked in spring when it's fresh and young, and it's a great ingredient for soups, sauces or stuffing.

Okroshka is also perfect soup for summer weather. This cold soup is based on kvass, and it is full of sliced potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and other green vegetables. It can be also served with meat or fish. 

This summary contains only the most traditional and popular Russian soups but there are many other delicious soups you can try. It is also a perfect comfort food or a great tip for light supper.