Seasoning for Grilled Fish "Magiya Vostoka"

Buy Seasoning for grilled fish Magiya Vostoka 15 g

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Buy Seasoning for grilled fish Magiya Vostoka 15 g

Product Details: 

Introducing the perfect companion for your grilled fish - Magiya Vostoka Seasoning! Elevate your culinary experience with this premium blend of aromatic spices, meticulously crafted to infuse your grilled fish dishes with a symphony of flavors.

Seasoning for grilled fish Magiya Vostoka 15 g

Product Features:

  • Authentic Eastern Inspiration: Crafted with respect for traditional Eastern flavor profiles, Magiya Vostoka Seasoning brings the essence of the East to your grilled fish creations.
  • Versatile Application: While designed for grilled fish, this seasoning is also perfect for enhancing other seafood dishes or even grilled vegetables.
  • Quality Assurance: We source only the finest ingredients, ensuring that each packet of Magiya Vostoka Seasoning meets the highest standards of taste and freshness.
  • Easy to Use: Simply sprinkle this seasoning blend on your fish before grilling, and let the magic unfold. No need for complex recipes or hours of preparation.
  • Experience the Extraordinary: Elevate your home-cooked meals to gourmet heights. Impress your family and friends with the extraordinary flavors of Magiya Vostoka Seasoning.

Seasoning for Grilled Fish 


Each 15 g packet of Magiya Vostoka Seasoning is carefully curated to include a harmonious blend of high-quality ingredients:

  • Paprika: Adds a vibrant color and a mild, smoky flavor.
  • Garlic Powder: Imparts a rich, savory essence that complements the fish's natural taste.
  • Onion Powder: Enhances the overall aroma and adds a delicate sweetness.
  • Lemon Zest: Provides a zesty kick that brightens up the dish and balances the flavors.
  • Sea Salt: Elevates the taste profile while ensuring the perfect amount of seasoning.
  • Black Pepper: Adds a subtle heat that awakens the taste buds.
  • Dill Weed: Infuses a refreshing herbal note, reminiscent of the ocean breeze.
  • Coriander: Contributes a warm, citrusy undertone for a well-rounded flavor.

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