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Icelandic Cod liver, Canned Cod Liver, Wild Cod 190g

Icelandic Cod liver, Canned Cod Liver, Wild Cod 190g

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Our Cod Liver “Icelandic” is sourced from North Atlantic Cod/Gadidae. The tender meat is derived from freshly fished cod and is preserved using safe, non-toxic, lead-free ingredients. A great source of Vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids, canned Cod Liver is ideal for those wishing to enjoy the benefits of cod oil without having to bear the pungent distaste of the oil itself. Best enjoyed fried, cooked, or in soups, our Cod Liver “Icelandic” comes in 6.7oz quantities.

Note: Once opened, refrigeration is recommended.

Taste: Unlike cod oil, canned cod liver doesn’t offer that pungent smell and fermented fishy smell. They are mildly salty with a soft, doughy texture which works well both fried, sauteed, and cooked.

Uses: Canned Cod Liver is a great way to enjoy the abundant benefits of Atlantic cod liver without having to worry about the disagreeable taste of liquid oil. Canned and preserved for maximum freshness and taste, Cod Liver is ready to eat straight out of the can. It can be used to make a classic Flambeed Cod Liver and Icelandic cod liver on toasts or used to make exotic cod liver carbonaras.

Nutritional Value:

     Cod Liver “Icelandic” is a good source of DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to plenty of health benefits.

It also contains fat-soluble Vitamins like A and D

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