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"Evreyskaya" Authentic Beef Dry Salami (sliced) 0.25 lb

"Evreyskaya" Authentic Beef Dry Salami (sliced) 0.25 lb

  • Brand:Alef Sausage
  • SKU: 10092
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  • Perishable:Yes
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  • $4.90


113 g.

Ingredients: Beef, salt, sugar, spices, garlic, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, lactic acid starter culture.

No artificial ingredients added!

The big, robust roast beef flavor of our Evreyskaya Beef Dry Salami is unmistakable. Its savory essence, with just an easy touch of spices and maple wood smoke, give it an exceptional flavor complexity and an authentic taste. It is our most popular sausage, and you will enjoy it, too. 

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