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Dry Salami "Evreyskaya" Cold Smoked +/- 1lb

Dry Salami "Evreyskaya" Cold Smoked +/- 1lb

  • $18.93

Get the Evreyskaya Dry Salami from russiantable!

Salami or the dried salami are considered to be the most convenient food items as they can store at room temperature for a number of days and they are delicious as well. The Evreyskaya Dry Salami is one of the varieties of cured sausages which generally consist of dried and fermented meat which is usually pork or beef. The shelf life of the dry salami is long, and it can last up to 40 days at room temperature.

From where to buy Evreyskaya Dry Salami

There can be no other place better than the russiantable to buy the best quality of Evreyskaya Dry Salami. The freshness of the salami is guaranteed, and you will not have to complain about the product. To buy the product on russiantable, you just have to visit the search bar and write the name of the item. You will get all the related information along with the price. Add the item to your cart and expect the delivery shortly.

The ingredients in the Evreyskaya Dry Salami

The Evreyskaya Dry Salami gives away a gentle taste of premium beef. It includes beef, salt, garlic, sugar, sodium nitrate and other spices to enhance its taste. So order your dry salami from the Russiantable.

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