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Frozen whole grain spelt wheat bread 530 g (3324)

530 g..


Frozen walnut baguette 340 g (4245)

340 g..


Frozen tarragona bread 425 g (0660)

425 g..


Frozen protein evening bread 430 g (0503)

430 g..


Frozen organic spelt rye bread 530 g (3388)

530 g..


Frozen organic multiseed bread 780 g (3392)

780 g..


Frozen organic multigrain bread 530 g (3391)

530 g..


Frozen organic mixed rye bread 530 g (3384)

530 g..


Frozen mix gourmet bread 1660 g (0944)

Multigrain, rye, pumpkin, sunflower ..


Frozen mix gourmet bread 1660 g (0944)

Multigrain, rye, pumpkin, sunflower ..


Frozen grain to grain bread 780 g (3328)

780 g..


Frozen grain bread 780 g (3325)

780 g..


Frozen cerealia baguette 500 g

500 g..


Frozen bread Lye wreath 300 g

300 g..


Frozen baguette 280 g (4213)

280 g..


Visit our Russian supermarket online to browse different Russian bread types. To relish your taste buds, try our Russian round bread and Russian rye bread. In Russian culture, bread is significantly revered. Not just any bread, however. They choose bread that is robust, rich, and has a taste that will blow you away.

Their traditional bread is Russian Black Bread, which is tasty, rich, and substantial. All of these characteristics combine to create the ideal bread for winter soup pairings or as a snack.

Rye bread, like Black Bread, has a tendency to have more fibre, a deeper colour, and a stronger taste than bread made entirely with wheat flour. Depending on the components and the ratio of rye to wheat flour, they might be light or dark.

Traditional Russian Black Bread

Simple ingredients like rye flour, water, salt, and a sourdough starter are all that are required to make the most traditional Russian Black Breads. The sourdough complements the powerful rye characteristics by adding a sweet and somewhat tart flavour. The 100% rye flour produces a thick loaf with little rise.

The dough is doing its job at this time. Use parchment paper to line a springform cake pan, bread pan, or moulds. Any shape, even a bunt cake mould, will work. Oil the tins first, then the parchment paper, and then add a little more oil. Now that you're learning their tricks, you're a pro.

Add some semolina, crushed caraway, and coriander seeds to each tin. Your cans are now ready. You let the dough to rise beautifully or about double in size while you go do something else. You shouldn't squish the air out of your dough after it has risen like a hooligan.

You just need to give it a little tap before using greased hands to split the dough in half or, if your bread tins let it, bake one large loaf of bread.

Dump the dough onto an oiled surface, then use a bench scraper or dough scraper to tuck the edges under to form a circle. Give it a covering and 15 minutes to relax.