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Kinto - Sauce "Tkemali" Kebab

Buy Kinto - Sauce Tkemali Kebab 300 ml

  • Brand:Darsil
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Buy Kinto - Sauce Tkemali Kebab 300 ml

Product Detail:

Elevate your kebab experience with the authentic flavors of Kinko's Tkemali Sauce. The Kinto brand, known for its culinary expertise, presents a delectable condiment that perfectly complements your kebabs. This 300 ml bottle of Tkemali Sauce is a must-have addition to your dining table, bringing the tantalizing taste of Georgian cuisine to your meals.

Kinto - Sauce "Tkemali" Kebab

Product Features:

Georgian Delicacy: Experience the tangy and vibrant flavors of Georgia's beloved condiment, Tkemali Sauce. Crafted by Kinto, this sauce encapsulates the essence of traditional Georgian cooking, offering a harmonious balance of sweet, sour, and savory notes.

Perfect Kebab Companion: Whether you're grilling meat, vegetables, or tofu, Kinto's Tkemali Sauce adds a burst of flavor that elevates your kebab to new heights. The sauce's zesty undertones and rich texture create a mouthwatering synergy with your chosen ingredients.

Quality Ingredients: Kinto takes pride in selecting the finest ingredients for its sauces. This Tkemali Sauce features ripe plums, aromatic spices, and Darsil—a secret ingredient that imparts a unique depth to the flavor profile.

Versatile Use: Beyond kebabs, Kinto's Tkemali Sauce serves as a versatile condiment that pairs well with a variety of dishes. Use it as a dipping sauce, marinade, or even a dressing to infuse your meals with a burst of exotic flavor.

Convenient Packaging: Presented in a 300 ml bottle, Kinto's Tkemali Sauce is designed for ease of use. The sturdy and leak-proof packaging ensures that the sauce remains fresh and ready to enhance your culinary creations.

Kinto - Sauce "Tkemali" Kebab

Product Specifications:

Volume: 300 ml

Ingredients: Ripe Plums, Darsil, Spices, Vinegar

Brand: Kinto

Product Type: Tkemali Sauce

Cuisine: Georgian

Experience Georgian Flavors: Immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage of Georgia with Kinto's Tkemali Sauce. This versatile condiment brings a symphony of flavors to your kebabs and beyond, delivering the authentic taste of Georgian cuisine right to your plate. Crafted with care and expertise, the Kinto brand ensures that every drop of Tkemali Sauce embodies the essence of Georgian gastronomy. Elevate your dining experience with this 300 ml bottle of culinary delight.

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