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Croutons "Kirieshki" salmon & cheese and sause tar-tar 85g

Buy Croutons "Kirieshki" salmon & cheese and sause tar-tar 85g

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Buy Croutons "Kirieshki" Salmon & Cheese and Sauce Tartar 85g

Product Description:

Indulge in the delectable flavors of our Croutons "Kirieshki" Salmon & Cheese and Sauce Tartar. These crispy biscotti/rye croutons are carefully crafted to deliver a delightful blend of premium ingredients that will elevate your snacking experience.

Product Features:

1. Premium Ingredients: Our croutons are made with high-quality ingredients, including savory salmon and rich cheese, perfectly complemented by a tangy tartar sauce. Each bite is bursting with flavor.

2. Crispy and Crunchy: Enjoy the satisfying crunch with every bite. These croutons are baked to perfection, ensuring a crispy texture that pairs well with salads and soups, or can be savored as a standalone snack.

3. Convenient Packaging: The 85g pack is designed to be portable and easy to carry. Whether you're at work, on a picnic, or relaxing at home, you can enjoy these tasty croutons anytime, anywhere.

4. Versatile Snack: Our Kirieshki croutons are a versatile snack option. Sprinkle them on your favorite salads to add a delightful twist, or savor them with dips and spreads for an elevated snacking experience.

5. Ideal for Parties and Gatherings: Impress your guests with a unique snack option at your next gathering or party. These croutons are sure to be a hit among both adults and children alike.

Croutons "Kirieshki" salmon & cheese and sause tar-tar 85g

Product Ingredients:

Rye Croutons, Salmon, Cheese, Tartar Sauce, and Seasonings.

Product Storage:

Store the croutons in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Once opened, reseal the pack to maintain freshness.

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