Caramels Korovka 1 lb

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Buy Caramels Korovka 1 lb

Product Description:

Elevate your sweet tooth experience with our heavenly Caramels Korovka 1 lb, a scrumptious creation by RotFront. These bulk caramels are a delightful rendition of a classic favorite, offering you an authentic taste of pure bliss. Handcrafted with care and love, Caramels Korovka 1 lb are the epitome of caramel perfection.

Caramels Korovka 1 lb

Key Features:

Unparalleled Flavor: Each bite of Caramels Korovka 1 lb is a harmonious blend of rich, creamy caramel, providing an explosion of flavor that lingers on your taste buds.

Bulk Convenience: With 1 lb of these delectable dragees, you'll have plenty to share or savor for yourself. Ideal for parties, gifting, or simply indulging.

RotFront Quality: RotFront, a renowned name in the confectionery world, ensures that every piece of Caramels Korovka 1 lb meets the highest standards of taste and quality.

Perfectly Packaged: Our caramels come in a convenient, resealable bag, ensuring their freshness and flavor are locked in for whenever you need a sweet escape.

Caramels Korovka 1 lb



Glucose Syrup

Whole Condensed Milk

Vegetable Oil



Soy Lecithin (as an Emulsifier)

Vanillin (Flavor)

Caramel with milky filling with taste of baked milk.

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