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Caramels Dushess 1 lb

Buy Caramels Dushess 1 lb

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Buy Caramels Duchess 1 lb

Product Detail:

Indulge in the sumptuous sweetness of Caramels Duchess, a delightful creation by Rotfront. This generous 1 lb package of bulk caramels offers a delectable treat that combines the rich flavors of caramel with the satisfying crunch of dragee.

Caramels Dushess 1 lb

Product Features:

Decadent Delight: Caramels Duchess deliver a decadent experience that satisfies your sweet cravings. With a perfect balance of smooth caramel and a dragee crunch, each bite is a moment of blissful indulgence.

Bulk Packaging: This 1 lb package of Caramels Duchess is perfect for sharing, gifting, or savoring on your own. The generous quantity ensures you have ample supply of these delectable treats to enjoy.

Unique Texture: The combination of soft caramel and crispy dragee creates a unique texture profile that tantalizes your taste buds. It's a symphony of textures that enhances the overall enjoyment.

Quality Craftsmanship: Created by Rotfront, a brand known for its dedication to quality and taste, Caramels Duchess exemplify their commitment to delivering confections that leave a lasting impression.

Versatile Pleasure: Whether enjoyed as an after-dinner delight, a midday pick-me-up, or a special treat, Caramels Duchess cater to various occasions and moments of indulgence.

Product Specifications:

Net Weight: 1 lb (454 g)

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Condensed Milk, Butter, Dragee

Brand: Rotfront

Product Type: Caramels with Dragee

Origin: Produced and Packaged by Rotfront

Caramels Dushess 1 lb

Savor the Sweetness: Elevate your snacking experience with Caramels Duchess by Rotfront. This 1 lb package of bulk caramels brings together the rich flavor of caramel and the delightful crunch of dragee. Crafted with care and expertise, Caramels Duchess reflect Rotfront's commitment to delivering confections that inspire joy and satisfaction. Whether you're sharing them with loved ones or treating yourself, these caramels are a true delight for your taste buds.

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