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Get ready to try some of the most unique and delicious chocolates and caramels straight from Russia. If you’ve got a sweet tooth with a huge soft corner for chocolate, our selection of one-of-a-kind chocolates will be your new favorite. From chocolate combinations to things you’ve never even heard before our collection contains everything you can imagine and beyond.

Explore exquisite Russian chocolates filled with caramel, praline, nuts, fruits, and more and you will be impressed with the flavors, textures, and variety of each chocolate. We bet you’re sure to fall in love with every kind.

Traditional Russian Chocolates

In our extensive collection of chocolates, we’ve got some of Russia’s favorites that have been enjoyed since the olden days like the Mishka Kosolapy, Rot Front bars, and more. With impressive chocolate-making techniques and flavor combinations that you’ll not find anywhere else, traditional Russian chocolates are unforgettable. Here you’ll also find Russia’s most iconic chocolate “Alyonka” with the little girl on the wrapper with the headscarf. It’s definitely a must-have treat for anyone that loves chocolates.

Innovative flavors

From chocolate and fruit combinations that you would have never imagined to mouth-watering dessert infusions, Russian chocolates & caramels bring to you an endless variety of chocolates that you’ll never get bored of.

Stunning attention to detail

Another thing that you’ll find intriguing about Russian chocolates and caramels is their vivid,  colorful wrappers. For example, the Mishka Kosolapy (Clumsy Bear) candy has a depiction of the Ivan Shishkin painting, “Morning in a Pine Forest”. Designed with unique paintings and iconic prints, these wrappers will excite you even before you try the candy.