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Marinated cucumbers Kubanochka 720 g

Buy Marinated cucumbers Kubanochka 720 g

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Buy Marinated cucumbers Kubanochka 720 g

Product Description:

Indulge in the delightful taste of Marinated Cucumbers Kubanochka 720 g, a true culinary gem brought to you by Kubanochka. Handpicked, fresh cucumbers are marinated to perfection, ensuring every bite is a burst of flavour. These pickles are a quintessential blend of tradition and taste, a classic recipe cherished for generations.

Marinated cucumbers Kubanochka 720 g

Key Features:

  1. Premium Quality: We select only the finest, handpicked cucumbers to ensure every jar's highest quality and flavour.
  2. Traditional Recipe: Our marinated cucumbers are made using a time-tested, traditional recipe, delivering that authentic taste you love.
  3. Preservative-Free: We pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients, with no artificial preservatives added, keeping your health in mind.
  4. Crisp and Crunchy: Kubanochka marinated cucumbers are renowned for their crisp texture and refreshing crunch, making them the perfect addition to your meals.
  5. 720 g of Deliciousness: Each jar contains 720 grams of these mouthwatering marinated cucumbers, providing plenty to savour.
  6. Versatile Delicacy: They make an excellent side dish, snack, or garnish for salads and sandwiches, adding flavour to any meal.
  7. Resealable Jar: The convenient resealable jar keeps the cucumbers fresh for extended enjoyment.

Marinated cucumbers Kubanochka 720 g


Cucumbers, water, salt, sugar, dill, garlic, mustard seeds, black pepper, bay leaves.

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