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Rot Front Babaevsky Krastnyj Oktyabr is a subsidiary of Krasnyj Oktyabr USA - the leading importer of Russian and European food products in the United States.

We are the exclusive US distributor for the best known Russian confectionery brands - Красный Октябрь, РотФронт, Бабаевский.

In our online store you will find the best known and most loved Russian chocolates - “Мишка косолапый”, “Белочка”, “Грильяж”, “Вдохновение”, “Трюфель”, шоколад “Аленка”, “Раковая шейка”, “Золотой ключик”, “Барбарис”, “ Суфле”, “Столичные”, “Кара кум” as well as many other items that everyone knows from childhood.

In addition to the extensive selection of confectioneries we also carry a broad selection of imported Russian groceries. You will find many traditional Russian delicacies - herring, salami, dried fish, kvas and more.