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Presto gel (Israel) Ani-Hemoroid cream

Presto gel (Israel) Ani-Hemoroid cream

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Many people who suffer from hemorrhoids search for alternative solutions to minimize their pain and suffering, most hemorrhoid treatments available today result in little or no success. Some common reasons for the lack of success in managing the hemorrhoids condition include: Most medicinal hemorrhoids ointments specify limited time use due to certain ingredients carrying specific warnings a gainst extended use. As a result, the patient is often forced to stop the treatment prior to any improvement occurring in his/her hemorrhoid condition. Waiting for treatments involving surgical intervention is a time consuming process. There is sometimes a tendency to avoid treatment for fear of drug interactions, especially so during pregnancy. Allows unlimited duration of use. Without side effects. May be used by pregnant and postnatal women. May be used by both men and women of all ages, without contradiction to other medications or arousing inter-medicinal reactions. Acts fast and efficiently in relieving and alleviating local pain and pressure and has a significant disinfective ability against bacterial infections which cause inflammations in the rectal area. 25 g
Contains natural ingredients.

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