Gutted Dried Roach Vobla, 15.87 oz

Gutted Dried Roach Vobla, 15.87 oz

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Vobla or Caspian roach is the Russian delicacy that they enjoy with beer and friends. Russians are so crazy about it that they don’t consider themselves Russian if they don’t like vobla. What is so special about it? This Russian delicacy is widely available in the market, and you can buy it from a Russian table that serves the delicious Dried Vobla.

What is vobla?
Vobla is a fish that is found in the fresh and brackish waters of Caspian Sea. The fish is available in abundance in the market in the vacuum packaging, and you can also buy it from russiantable. Since Russians enjoy this great fish with beer so you can also try it with beer. Buy a Dried Vobla and be ready with a glass of beer. Don’t taste it without beer otherwise; you will never enjoy the real taste of vobla.

How to eat vobla?
Take out the fins from the fish
Open fish’ belly and pull its backbone
Pick small bits of flesh of vobla and put into your mouth
Don’t swallow it, chew it and take a sip of beer
The movement you eat the first piece, you will not wait for another piece of vobla. So, don’t wait and buy Dried Vobla now!

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