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Sunflower seeds "Tambov wolf" salted

Sunflower seeds "Tambov wolf" salted

  • Brand:AgroSouz
  • SKU:10081
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  • $ 2.89


What is Sunflower seeds "Tambov wolf" salted 200 g?

People are not aware of this product, but this product is very popular. Tambov was originally founded by the Russians in the 17th century at fortress to protect the Russian’s southern borders. Then the city was adopted with the name of a wolf as it was a symbol to recognize that Tambov wolf is their comrades. Sunflower seeds "Tambov wolf" salted 200 g is a very popular snack of Russia. Not only in Russia but as there are sources of exporting these snacks, many countries are adopting it.

Why purchase Sunflower seeds "Tambov wolf" salted 200 g?

This question is ordinary if you have never tasted it, but people are very excited towards eating these snacks as it shows the symbol of their comrades. It is manufactured differently, and it is found that people worldwide are eating these delicious snacks. Some of the reasons to purchase it are:

  • Number of variety in this range
  • Not expensive, but ensures quality
  • Delivers fresh product

These are some of the reasons to purchase Sunflower seeds "Tambov wolf" salted 200 g. Net quantity is 200 gram which is enough at their price. It is best to purchase it from Russiantable Company.

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