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Seasoning "Exclusive" for Fish

Seasoning "Exclusive" for Fish

  • $ 3.75


50 g. New design which is made in shadow tones keeps succession of last design. It emphasizes product’s premiality and favorable points it on the market shelf. New package allows consumers notice the productand evaluate exclusive quality with transparent window on the back side. Due to height reduction the package became more compacted and it’s easier rack the product on the different types of the shelves. New recipe improved with professional chef’s advises will open new taste colors; Salt free spice mixture; Completely natural seasoning: no glutamate, no taste enhancers, no flavorings, no dyes, no preservatives; Convenient three-layer metallic material doypack with zip-lock. Paprika (flakes), Ground coriander, Dried carrot, Sesame, Dry ground onion, Ground mustard seeds, Ground dried garlic, Dry dill greens, Leek, Ground black pepper, Ground ginger, Ground nutmeg, Ground white pepper, Turmeric.

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