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Premium Quality Sturgeon Caviar "Black Pearl" 100g

Premium Quality Sturgeon Caviar "Black Pearl" 100g

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Weight: 100gr/3.5oz

This caviar originates from the nearly wild grown sturgeon of the Thousand Island Lake, a 220 square miles body of unpolluted, crystal clear water surrounded by virgin forests. Here the highly priced crossbreed of Kaluga and Amur Sturgeon is aqua cultured under pristine, environmentally-friendly conditions resulting in the world class quality caviar, which stands on par with the best sturgeon caviars on the market.
The grains are firm with a diameter of over 3.0 mm and its color can be pearl-grey, or dark-grey. The flavor is strong, buttery with a long lasting aftertaste inherent to sturgeon caviar. Cured in compliance with Russian
Molosol style, with no preservatives added, the caviar is packed in state of the art vacuum-sealed tins made in France. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to treat yourself to such exquisite delicacy while our supply lasts!

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