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Herring Caviar "Russkoe More" Classic 110g

Herring Caviar "Russkoe More" Classic 110g

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Weight: 110g.

Classical herring caviar has a very delicate fish taste and a rather soft texture, thanks to which it can easily be smeared on bread.

Sandwiches of this delicacies combine perfectly with hot tea or fragrant coffee. Caviar can be used as one of the ingredients for salads.

It combines well with fresh herbs and vegetables.

Composition: herring caviar, vegetable oil, salt, flavor enhancers: sodium glutamate, glycine, sodium ribonucleotide; acidity regulators: sodium malate, calcium lactate, citrate sodium; antioxidant sodium ascorbate, preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

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