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Oat Flakes "Kasha Minutka" with Black Currants

Oat Flakes "Kasha Minutka" with Black Currants

  • Brand:Kuntsevo
  • SKU:949
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  • $ 2.99


5 easy to cook packets. No need to boil! Simply pour milk or hot water.
Gentle, melting in your mouth oat flakes and fragrant berries - what could be better. Oat flakes with fruit is delicious and at the same time healthy product, because of the modern technology used in Kashka-Minutka, which helps to save all the valuable qualities of cereals, wild berries and fruits. Now such a delicious and healthy breakfast can be prepared in just a minute. Kashka-Minutka - is the best choice for those who want to be well-fed, healthy and slim! Enjoy it with the whole family!

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