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Honey TAIGA DOCTOR "Berestov"

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500g Impeccable quality of honey provides collection in a clean area of the Altai. Clean air and wild grasses allow receive special honey - a gift of the taiga. Honey plants: angelica, meadowsweet, willow, raspberries, strawberries, yellow sow thistle, bear pipe and wood geranium give their healing vitamins. "Taiga Doctor" is recommended for recuperation after surgery, improving the regeneration of the liver, stimulate the growth and regeneration of damaged tissue, rejuvenate the skin, prevent skin aging, and strengthen the forces of the elderly and debilitated people. Honey “Taiga Doctor” also recommended as a tool in the treatment of various wounds, eczema and infections. In the treatment of wounds pure honey, in a day on the wound surface no germs.

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