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Honey "Berestov" Chestnut Favorites

Honey "Berestov" Chestnut Favorites

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Weight: 500gr

Among the many different varieties and types of natural honey, a worthy place is occupied by chestnut honey, which is rarely on sale. This is due to the fact that they receive it in small quantities due to the short period of flowering of chestnut (2-3 weeks) and the limited distribution of the tree.

Taste and aroma: Honey with the color of a noble mahogany, shimmering in the sun with burgundy hues. Aged, naturally sweet taste with pepper aftertaste and light bitterness. Spicy, ripe and deep aroma of oak barrel with notes of walnut, maple, and a slight shade of cinnamon.
Therapeutic properties: The beneficial properties of chestnut honey are determined by the presence of antiseptic and bactericidal qualities. Also widely represented in its composition is the vitamin series (carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, tocopherol, folic, nicotinic and ascorbic acids). A considerable amount of valuable trace elements (such as manganese, magnesium, barium, iodine, iron, copper), tannins and enzymes for the human digestive tract, involved in carbohydrate metabolism: phosphatase, diastase, amylase. Traditional medicine has repeatedly proven the anti-edematous property of chestnut honey.

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