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"Fitstart" Crisp Multi-grain Bread (Hlebtsy) Forest berries

"Fitstart" Crisp Multi-grain Bread (Hlebtsy) Forest berries

  • $ 2.69


1. Balanced assortment of the most popular flavors;
2. Made with natural fruit juices;
3. 100% natural ingredients.
Protein - 13,6 g; Fat - 1.6 g; Carbohydrates - 60.5 g; Fiber - 3.1 g
Ingredients: a mixture of cereals (wheat, rice grits, buckwheat grits, rye, oat sprouted flakes), fructose, salt, Sucralose sweetener, concentrated juices (strawberry, blueberry), natural flavors "Strawberry" and "Blueberry".

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