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Smoked bacon w/ribs "Koreyka"

Smoked bacon w/ribs "Koreyka"

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Why try RussianTable’s Smoked bacon "Koreyka"?

Bacon is the favorite meat of most of the people. It should be as it is very delicious and juicy. You can eat it alone or use in other dishes to give them more flavors. Bacon needed to be the cure and smoked before enjoying this yummy meat. Preparing it at home is a time-consuming process, and sometimes you don’t get the real smoky flavor of bacon. So, try ;smoked becon( Koreyk) of russiantable. Their smoked becon is not only perfectly smoked but also juicy and yummy.

Bacon is the pieces of pork that are sliced from their back or belly. It needs to be cured and smoked to add the flavors to this piece of meat. Although the bacon is the cuts of pork, they differ from other cut pork. Bacon is brined or dried pack and then sold in the market. It is little sweet and thus needs to be flavored with other ingredients.

Smoked becon (Koreyka) of russiantable are:

  • Smoked well
  • Flavor with different spices and sugar to increase its taste
  • Packed well so that its taste and freshness is preserved

Try our ;Smoked becon (Koreyka), and you will see the difference between the one those you bought from local stores. Our becon is not only smoked and flavored, but they are also treated well to prevent trichinosis that causes by the roundworm. It is well heated or smoked to kill this parasite so that you can enjoy the yummy bacon from Russian table.

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