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Dry salami "Moskovskaya"  Smoked (stick +/-1.4lb)

Dry salami "Moskovskaya" Smoked (stick +/-1.4lb)

  • $ 25.99


Try the delicious Moskovskaya smoked dry salami from russiantable

Smoking is one of the best cooking technologies to cook meat not by heat but by smoke. Anyone who knows the right temperature, methodology and has precision tools can cook meat using this technique. But, if you are not an expert then don’t try your hands on cooking. Buy Moskovskaya smoked dry salami from the popular food store”russiantable” and enjoy the delicious and juicy salami. ; You can buy 1.6lb cold, dry salami from the Russian brand russiantable. ;

Why buy from russaiantable?

The cold smoking technique sounds simple, but it is the very risky method of cooking meat especially if you are a beginner. Cooking meat at the Proper temperature and correct preserving method keeps the meat free from microbes and bacteria. Russiantable knows the how to preserve the Moskovskaya smoked dry salami, and thus there is no risk of growing pathogens and microbes on the meat. Other reasons to buy from russiantable are:
Longer cold smoking gives more intense flavor to the salami and russiantbale use this technique to make the salami delicious and flavorful
Meat is smoked at the temperature as low as possible which let the meat cooked slowly, and thus the salami cooks perfectly
Uses perfectly balanced and blend of spices
Moskovskaya cold smoked dry salami from russiantable is. Therefore, the best cold smoked salami.

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