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Balik "Darnitskiy" Cold Smoked (+/-1lb)

Balik "Darnitskiy" Cold Smoked (+/-1lb)

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Weight: 1lb

Why Russian table’s Balik Darnitskiy, cold smoked is good?

You will get the same product under the same name but ;Balik Darnitskiy, cold smoked ;from russiantable is different from them. Russiantable offer perfectly cold smoked meat. You can buy our cold smoked meat and try making delicious recipes from it. Many shopkeepers that sell Balik Darnitskiy don’t use the correct method of cold smoking because they know about it.

Why is it good?

Cold smoking is not a simple process and doing it incorrectly can spoil the meat. But, russiantable use proper technique and cook the meat at correct temperature thus it tastes good. Try our product and feel it yourself. You cannot try cold smoking at home. The meat is not cooked but gets the smoky flavor in the smoking chamber that is set at the temperature between 20-30◦C. for Balik Darnitskiy, cold smoked, we:

  • Put the meat in a smoking chamber at this temperature
  • It is then hung in the dry environment during which pellicle developed on meat
  • It is then smoked for several days, within this day the meat gets a smoky flavor

This is how ;Balik Darnitskiy, cold smoked ;is ready for you. Cold smoking is not advised to be performed at home, and only HACCP certified manufacturers can prepare their food products using it. Russian table is HACCP certified, and thus our product is safe and tastes good.

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