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Krestyansky (Farmer Cheese) "LifeWay"

Krestyansky (Farmer Cheese) "LifeWay"

  • Brand:Lifeway
  • SKU:4174
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Perishable:Yes
  • Please note: Perishable items require 2-day delivery
  • $ 5.99


Buy the best KRESTYANSKY (FARMER CHEESE) from RussianTable

The ;KRESTYANSKY (FARMER CHEESE) ;is an unripened and pressed cottage cheese which is used in various food items like the blintzes and pierogi. This cheese can be used as the spread on the bread and need not be cooked. ; The farmer cheese is known for its different taste and versatility and therefore is demanded greatly all over the world. It is available in different packs and brands, and if you want to buy the best and fresh farmer cheese, then the Russiantable is the best spot for it.

Why is Russiantable the best place?

The russiantable offer the best products from the top brands and keep the quality of the product at priority. To understand the quality of the product you can read the customer reviews and ratings provided.

A brief guide to buy

In order to buy the ;KRESTYANSKY (FARMER CHEESE) ;from the Russiantable, you will first have to open their application and write the product in the search bar. You will get the product instantly along with the brand information and its price. You will get the pack of 1lb in $4.99. The russiantable provides well packed and most fresh product in the shortest time possible. So sign in to the Russiantable and enjoy the flavors of farmer cheese.

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