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Cranberries in powdered sugar

Cranberries in powdered sugar

  • Brand:Udarnitsa
  • SKU:1509
  • Availability:In Stock
  • $ 3.99


Missing the taste of Cranberries in powdered sugar, not now!

Sweets and chocolates are everyone’s love. Since childhood, we eat them, and they are the only food items that stay our favorite even at the older age. ;Cranberries in powdered sugar ;are the most popular sweets. These are still the love of many people. Cranberries coated in powdered sugar tastes good. When you go to a shop and see a pack of these, you can stop yourself from buying it. But since long they are not available in the market.

Don’t worry you can still enjoyCranberries in powdered sugar. Want to know, how and where you will get it? russiantable is selling a pack of these at their store. You can but it online if you don’t find them in stores. Some people even make them at home. But cranberries are not available in all season, so how can you make them at home. Also, why to wait for them to be ready to be eaten? Buy them from russiantable and enjoy your delight.

How to get it?

  • Order it from russiantable
  • The pack weighs 120g
  • The price is $3.99

The freshly picked cranberries are the secret to their taste. And that’s what Russiantable gives you. The taste of these Cranberries in powdered sugar is beyond your imagination. They are just yummy!

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