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Marshmallow (Pastila) "Charmelle" Vanilla Taste

Marshmallow (Pastila) "Charmelle" Vanilla Taste

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221 g. The recipe of making marshmallow has come down to us from ancient times. The first mention of it we find in the cooking books of XIV century. The original marshmallow was prepared from whipped into a foam apple sauce, later there was added fresh egg-white, which gived to this delicacy an extraordinary tenderness.

And today masters-confectioners of Udarnitsa factory, according to the tradition, make Charmelle marshmallow on the base of natural apple sauce and egg whites. In addition, Charmelle marshmallow does not contain fat and, therefore, the extra calories.

Charmelle is perfect for pampering yourself with a light sweet delicacy and cheering up. Sugar, powerdered sugar, apple puree, vanilla egg whites.

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