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Marshmallow (Zefir) "Charmelle" Classic (Chocolate Covered)

Marshmallow (Zefir) "Charmelle" Classic (Chocolate Covered)

  • Brand:Udarnitsa
  • SKU:625
  • Availability:In Stock
  • $ 7.95


Buy the tastiest Charmelle Chocolate Covered Marshmallow (Zefir) Classic

You might have tasted marshmallows in various forms, but the chocolate covered marshmallow will be definitely your favorite. The softness of marshmallow and soothing taste of chocolate forms the best sweet that one must have always at their home. You will surely get the Charmelle Chocolate Covered Marshmallow (Zefir) Classic over the stores but ordering it from the russiantable will be your smartest choice as it will save both your time and money.

Know the ingredients of Charmelle Chocolate Covered Marshmallow (Zefir) Classic

All that this chocolate covered marshmallow has is goodness and pleasure in it. It consists of sugar, lactose, the best cocoa powder, glucose syrup, Chocolate coating, gelling agent, egg white and apple pulp. ; The product is extremely soft and delicious and can be served as a side dessert for dinner or can be enjoyed as a snack. Your kids will love it too.

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