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Tea "Basilur" Oriental "Oriental Delight"

Tea "Basilur" Oriental "Oriental Delight"

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100% Pure Ceylon black tea. Oriental Delight is an extra special FBOP tea with tips which provides an exhilarating experience through each cup. As the tea pickers have meticulously picked two buds and a leaf in the beautifully landscaped tea gardens, one can taste and witness the freshness of tea and the tips of tea leaves in this masterfully blended Oriental Delight tea. A tea which will energize one’s body and mind with its distinct characters and taste. A full-bodied, deep red infusion with a mild note of honey which will leave your taste buds tantalized and desiring for more with each cup of this delightful tea. 100% Pure Ceylon black, long leaf teas from the lower elevations of Ceylon, with ‘tips’ – FBOPF Extra Special grade. Packed in foil pouch with zipper to preserve the freshness of your favourite tea. 100g

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