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Tea "Basilur" Captains tea / Gampola

Tea "Basilur" Captains tea / Gampola

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Captains Tea (Top Layer) - 50g Net Nothing compares with Basilur pure Ceylon tea. Nothing can enrich your day more perfectly than the taste of Basilur Captain’s Tea with its subtle essences of bergamot and pure black tea. Together, they release a calming aroma and smooth taste that is relaxing and heady and made from Ceylon’s highest quality FBOP special grade. Gampola F.B.O.P. Tea (Bottom Layer). Especially selected by Basilur very own master tea taster Basilur Gampola tea is made of FBOP special grade with long bright tips found on the island's fertile lands of the famous low grown tea plantations. This is your answer to a smooth full bodied and warning cup of Ceylon's purest tea.

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