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Greenfield Black Tea "Earl Grey Fantasy" (25 count)

Greenfield Black Tea "Earl Grey Fantasy" (25 count)

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Light citrus aroma gives mild tanginess to the exquisite composition of this tea. Refreshing bergamot note accentuates rich flavour of elite black tea in Earl Grey Fantasy fine bouquet. Is ideal for the afternoon and evening tea-drinkings.History of the famous Earl Grey tea, a habitué of English aristocratic saloons and essential part of five o’clock tea-drinking tradition is both mysterious and romantic. When British politician and big tea connoisseur sir Charles Grey was in China and did service to one of the high-ranking officials close to the emperor himself (some legends even presume that sir Charles saved his life) the grateful courtier thanked Earl Grey with the secret recipe of wonderful tea. But may be that the British acquired the recipe of tea flavoured with Cantonese orange as a result of cunning political intrigue? Or simply bergamot oil spilled over tea in the hold of a tea clipper in stormy weather en route to British Isles? Who knows the truth today? Anyway the legend remains beautiful on a par with the original character of Greenfield Earl Grey Fantasy that wonderfully combines orange, lemon and bergamot aromas. By the way, the most credible seems the story that bergamot scented tea is a European invention. One of the most poignant supporting facts is that the origin of the fruit is an Italian town of Bergamo, home-town of Truffaldino, a protagonist in the comedy of the same name by Carlo Goldoni. The character of Greenfield Earl Grey Fantasy is quite similar to the temper of ever-cheerful Truffaldino - spicy flavor of Ceylon tea and festive citrus aromas come together in Earl Grey Fantasy to invigorate and inspire you with light-hearted carnival mood. 50 g

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