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Tea Curtis "Magic Tea Cards" 36 sachets

Tea Curtis "Magic Tea Cards" 36 sachets

  • $ 10.99


Original gift, 36 sachets.
Tea bags made in the form of 36 cards. We look into the future and the unknown!
Enjoy Curtis Tea and Get Wishes and Hot Predictions from Tea Cards ...
4 suits = 4 tastes
Diamonds - Isabella Grape
Red grape black tea
Spades - Mango
Light and delicate taste of Chinese green tea and exotic sweet mango
Hearts - Ceylon
Ceylon black tea with a pleasant floral touch
Clubs - Truffle
A blend of black tea with a taste of delicate chocolate truffle
On each tea sachet, a special "prediction" is written. Choose the taste that you want to try right now and find out the tea prediction for today!

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