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Black Ceylon Leaf tea "Richard" The Royal Dogs (Spaniel) 80g

Black Ceylon Leaf tea "Richard" The Royal Dogs (Spaniel) 80g

  • $11.05

Royal dogs play especial role in the history of Britain Monarchy. Collect all members of the Royal Dogs with Richard Royal Dogs! Attractive tin contains superior Ceylon leaf black tea with soft, nuanced sweetish tones!
Royal Tea collection Richard is a black, green and herbal teas from the best plantations all over the world. All blends are made in the traditional English style, but each with a dainty touch: combining various teas, aromatic herbs and spices helps a tea blend to deliver all the shades of royal taste.
Ideal gift, relevant for any celebration! Attractive and convenient tin in collectable design! Leaf tea from the best Ceylon plantations with rich aroma, amber infusion colour & strong intense taste

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