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Kvas Staromonastyrskiy 1 l

Buy Kvas Staromonastyrskiy 1 l

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Buy Kvas Staromonastyrskiy 1 l

Product Description:

Kvas Staromonastyrskiy 1 l is a timeless classic, a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Russia. Crafted with utmost care and tradition, this 1-liter bottle of kvass brings you the genuine taste of Russian culture in every sip.

Kvas Staromonastyrskiy 1 l

Key Features:

Authentic Flavor: Our Kvas Staromonastyrskiy 1 l is made using time-honored recipes, ensuring an authentic and rich kvass flavor that transports you to the heart of Russia.

Traditional Brewing: We follow traditional brewing methods, allowing our kvass to ferment naturally, resulting in a drink that's not only delicious but also brimming with probiotics and nutritional goodness.

Quality Ingredients: We source the finest ingredients, including rye bread, malt, and water, to create a kvass that's free from artificial additives and preservatives.

Sip of History: Kvas has been a staple in Russian culture for centuries. With Kvas Staromonastyrskiy 1 l, you get to experience a taste that has been cherished for generations.

Versatile Beverage: Whether enjoyed on its own, chilled, or used as a mixer in cocktails and mocktails, Kvas Staromonastyrskiy 1 l offers a versatile beverage option for various occasions.

Kvas Staromonastyrskiy 1 l


drinking water, sugar,   kvass wort (rye flour, rye malt), acidity regulator (lactic acid, acetic acid), bakery yeast.

Deep in the woods on the Seliger’s shore there is an Old Monastery, where monks brewed kvass, using holy water. 1901 the Recipe was given to the brewery “Tverskaya Bavaria”. In recognition of this gift Charity Fund named after St. Afanasy was founded. From every bottle we deliver 1 Ruble for church constructions.

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