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Experience the real taste of authentic Kvas. Freshly brewed in Russia, our collection of Kvas is loaded with flavors you have never tried before. This fermented, non-alcoholic beverage starts with rye or black bread and is carefully brewed to perfection with a little bit of fruit to give you a strong sour & sweet taste and smooth fizz. A refreshing treat that most Russians, kids and adults alike, enjoyed to cool off during the summer, the Kvas slightly reminds you of a nice cold beer. Kvas naturally contains about 1% of alcohol content due to the fermentation process, which is very minute, so it is generally considered non-alcoholic and can be enjoyed anytime you want!

Here at you’ll find some of Russia’s most popular Kvas brands that are sure to impress you from the first sip.

Here are some of the brands we have:


This gives you a very dark colored Kvas with a slight caramel and molasses taste that will entice your taste buds. It also combines natural fruity, herbaceous flavors like strawberry and mint to create a truly invigorating drink that you’ll love.

Yellow Barrel

Enjoy the classic taste of Kvass with the perfect balance of sourness that will make your mouth water. Perfect for enjoying on a hot day or alongside your meals, this smooth, slightly fizzy bread drink will refresh your palate and keep you feeling light. It’s perfect for drinking as it is and can also be used to make traditional Russian dishes like okroshka.


This is another popular brand of Kvas that’s well-loved in Russia. With rich raisin undertones and a truly enjoyable toasty flavor with the perfect balance of sweetness, it makes a delicious cold drink that you’ll like. Bryanskpivo has also got different variants of Kvas, so there’s something for everyone.

 If you’re someone who loves to explore new flavors and unique drinks, Russia’s favorite kvas is a must-try for you.