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Mineral water "Nagutskaya No. 26" (1.5L)

Mineral water "Nagutskaya No. 26" (1.5L)

  • $ 1.99


Mineral natural drinking therapeutic-table sparkling water “Zapovednic zdorov'ya No. 26”:

  • Refers to the group of chloride-hydrocarbonate sodium boric mineral water;
  • Has a ;medium level of mineralization from 4.0 to 7.0 g/l;
  • The curative properties of mineral water are combined with the delicious taste of a drink that perfectly quenches thirst even on the hottest day;
  • Produced in accordance with GOST R 54316-2011: Group I, "Nagutskaya-26", the well 26-N, 43 of the Nagut deposit.

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