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Kvas "Family Secret" Borodino

Kvas "Family Secret" Borodino

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"Family Secret" is a real rustic white whole-grain kvass that was brewed in Rus’ for centuries.
Back in the day white kvass was a staple drink and food, a powerful antioxidant as well as a valuable source of vitamins and minerals. It supports your organism when it doesn’t have enough protein.
The rustic origins of the "Family secret" recipe maintain the homely nourishing taste of kvass with a strong crisp acidity and the presence of sediment. The uniqueness of the drink is in the technology of its production: malted wheat and whole grain rye are used in the preparation process.
"Family secret. Traditional" is a classic rustic brew with rich flavour, created for those who appreciate tradition, the wisdom of ancestors and prefers a healthy lifestyle. For centuries this kvass maintained young people’s health, gave strength to the old, helped the sick get back on their feet and satisfied thirst and hunger.
"Family secret. Currant and mint" is a sweet-scented kvass with rustic black currant juice. Black currant adds acidity and a wonderful fragrance to the kvass while mint adds light freshness and unique flavour. It is well-known that black currant is rich in vitamin C that enhances one’s immunity and generally improves one’s health.

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