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Imported Russian Bread Drink"Ochakovsky" 2L

Imported Russian Bread Drink

  • Brand:Ochakovo
  • SKU:1316
  • Availability:In Stock
  • $ 2.99


Pack of Imported Russian Bread Drink"Ochakovsky" 2L on RussianTable

Bread drinks or Kvass is a drink generally different from all the other types of beverage. The Imported Russian Bread Drink"Ochakovsky" is a traditional beverage which is commonly made from the black bread. The color of the bread is the real influencer of the drink, and it is a common drink in various parts of the world. The drink is generally nonalcoholic or has a small quantity of alcohol in it. It is generally flavored with fruits like the strawberries and has herbs and mint in it. If you too want to taste this flavorful drink, then you can buy it from the Russianstore.

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How to buy a 2L pack of Imported Russian Bread Drink"Ochakovsky" 2L

You just have to go to the russianstore and type the product name in the search bar. Select your Imported Russian Bread Drink"Ochakovsky" 2L pack and then add to the card and proceed to pay.

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