Greenfield Green Tea "Floral Cloud" (25 count)

Greenfield Green Tea "Floral Cloud" (25 count)

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Product Description:
Indulge in the gentle embrace of nature's floral symphony with Greenfield Green Tea Floral Cloud. Our 25-count package is carefully curated to bring you the perfect blend of exquisite tea leaves and captivating floral infusions.
Greenfield Green Tea "Floral Cloud" (25 count)
Key Features:
Premium Green Tea Leaves: Our Greenfield Green Tea is sourced from the finest tea gardens, ensuring each sip is brimming with freshness and quality.
Floral Elegance: Infused with a delicate floral bouquet, the Floral Cloud blend offers a harmonious fusion of tea and blossoms. Experience a soothing and aromatic journey with every cup.
25 Convenient Tea Bags: Each package contains 25 individually wrapped tea bags, making it easy to enjoy your favorite blend at home or on the go.
Health Benefits: Green tea is known for its numerous health benefits, including antioxidants that support overall well-being and vitality.

Greenfield Green Tea 

Greenfield Green Tea Floral Cloud is made from the following ingredients:
Green Tea Leaves: Handpicked and expertly blended, our green tea leaves provide a refreshing and invigorating base for this exquisite infusion.
Floral Blossoms: Carefully selected floral blossoms, including jasmine and rose petals, add a delicate and fragrant layer to the tea.
Love and Craftsmanship: Our tea is crafted with love and a commitment to quality, ensuring you experience the true essence of nature in every cup.

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