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Candy "Hazelnut Petrovich" in chocolate glaze

Candy "Hazelnut Petrovich" in chocolate glaze

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As a symbol of wisdom and knowledge hazel-nut has been known for its useful healing and nutritious properties for a long time. That is why this kind of a nut is highly appreciated by sportsmen and doctors. And the cooks of the whole world admire the taste and the odor given by hazel-nuts to their desserts, pastry and sweets. Let me introduce to you Hazel-nut Petrovich – a solid fried hazelnut under chocolate coating. The deep taste of the nut and chocolate coating creates an amazing harmony. The hazelnut preserves all its properties when wrapped in chocolate. It is nutritious, contains much protein and folic acid, and thus ideally suits to the children. It is sure to fill them with energy and give them mental strength. As for adults, hazelnut is a mere stockpot of vitamin E, which saves youth and beauty.
454 g

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