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Candy "Almond Ivanovich" in Сhocolate glaze

Candy "Almond Ivanovich" in Сhocolate glaze

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Almond has always been a symbol of divine approval, abundance and prosperity. Even in Ancient Egypt only pharaohs and their favorites could afford it. Almond is called “King’s Nut” for its benefits for health, beauty, delicate taste and flavour. Delightful delicacies are produced with the use of almond in the whole world. Ozersky Souvenir is not in the least inferior to them, indeed Almond Ivanovich is our Russian King of Sweets. Solid Californian almond is covered by chocolate coating and its fine aroma and delicate taste will be fancied and memorized by both children and adults. Almond is of great use because of the abundant content of calcium, vitamin E, phosphorus, magnesium and folic acid.
454 g

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